If you are trying to get hold of the best price for the new Dyson Hard 'DC56' (which is set to be officially released on the 1st September 2013) -- you have come to the right place. Below, I will just give a brief overview of six simple methods that you can easily implement to help get you the best overall deal (which of course doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest price for the DC56, but instead how 'much' value you are getting from the entire package deal) for the cordless hard-floor vacuum cleaner, which will hopefully get you a signficant discount on the pretty expensive DC56 (which coming from Dyson, is pretty much expected really) -- retailing from $329.99.

Firstly, a brief overview of what the Dyson Hard DC56 does & is all about: it looks very much like the DC35 and DC44 -- but it is somewhat different in that it is basically a cordless cleaning machine which turns cleaning your hard-based flooring (e.g. wood or tiled floors etc.) from two strenuous jobs (vacuuming for dust and debris & then to go on to mopping to wipe away dirt and grime -- then to finally dry mop the same area) into one very simple task. Which the Dyson DC56 performs through its 'double edge channel' cleaner head -- by conducting both those jobs simultaneously (vacuuming & wiping) -- ultimately making the whole cleaning operation easier, quicker and to a higher & better finish (for more details check out the DC56 'in action' in the video below). Moreover, it also has the ability to convert (from removing the wand -- the long 66 cm aluminium tube -- at the base of the handle and cleaner head) into a handheld vacuum much like the Dyson DC34 and can be hence also used for intricate vacuuming tasks too (such as in a car or a stairway).

Dyson DC56 Hard- Hardfloor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $329.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 4, 2016)

Step One: Check the Online Retailers e.g. Amazon

This would be my first point of call on trying to find the DC56's best price -- given that they often buy in bulk and then pass on the discounts to you. For instance, Amazon is a well known, respected and most importantly 'trusted' massive online retailer that hosts many discounts on Dyson products already. Hence, they are bound to do the same for the DC56 (just check the above element). Moreover, you may also get smaller third party groups selling Dyson products through Amazon as well -- so in essence you are automatically searching through a variety of stock holders & sorting out which offers you the cheapest and best price instantly. They also sometimes offer special deals that the DC56 may be subject to as well -- for instance you get a free attachment or so many dollars of another related product.

Step Two: Check for the DC56 on eBay

Once, you have worked out the best possible deal from Amazon (or the like), I would then head to the -- worldwide car boot sale -- eBay and see if the DC56 (Dyson Hard) is being sold 'new' or as an unwanted gift or left over stock -- you will find you can get pretty good discounts here considering although they are 'still left in the box' they are in essence still second hand. Moreover, head over to fatfingers.com to see if you can benefit from a seller's typo mistake -- to get the DC56 perhaps even cheaper. It is also a great place shop to get any additional attachments or replacements as well (e.g. batteries, combination crevice tool) for the DC56 (or any Dyson vacuum really).

Step Three: Check for Used/Refurbished/Remanufactured DC56

For some of the largest possible discounts and best price for the DC56 you need to be willing to check out some of the refurbished Dyson Hards and used DC56's as they will be heavily discounted for two simple factors: they are second hand and have been used or/and they have been broken in the past in some way or other and have now been fixed. The only concern with this regard is that they may break soon and they don't (unless specified) have the two year warranty guarantee for both parts and labour when you buy a Dyson Hard new -- this is something you will obviously have to consider.

Step Four: Check Directly with Dyson.com

Moreover, a good place to check is actually the manufacturer's website -- Dyson.com, you will find that they have a 'Special Offers' & 'Promotions' section and the Dyson Hard may fall into one of those type of 'deals' (sometime) that they have going for instance: you could receive 20% or a $100 off for a limited time only. They may instead (like mentioned above) throw in the Dyson cordless tool kit with the purchase or a special edition of the DC56 (different colour and kit) might be available for a specified period of time.

Step Five: Check Out Your Local Vacuum Store

A good place to go visit (even just to test the Dyson Hard out, to see whether you like it) is your local store that is selling the DC56 and see what prices they have and see if you can negotiate the price down (call in the manager to negotiate if necessary) -- which obviously you can't really do on a computer & online. You will find they perhaps won't budge on their price but they are willing to throw in a few freebies such as extended warranties (on the 2 years that come with it already) or specialised attachments or wipes. Let me know how this goes, if you try this tactic. 

Step Six: Check for Special Codes, Vouchers, Deal Websites etc.

A quick final and easy step to take is just to search around the web for if the DC56 is on a special deal or where you can a code or vouchers that can be used at a certain online store to either get a discount or basically just more for your money e.g. search for "DC56 Special Deal" or "DC56 Coupon Codes". Check the 'deal' type websites too, they often know when a particular deal on the DC56 is about to come your way -- like a 20% discount for one day only type of thing. If you find one -- be sure to let me know of any special deals or offers that are on the DC56 in the comments section below, for everyone else to benefit from it too.

Moreover, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding 'Findng the DC56 Best Price' or about the actual Dyson Hard specifically (e.g. mechanical features or specifications) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

The Dyson Hard (DC56) In Action