The 'Dyson Hard' is the latest addition to the Dyson line up; being essentially a cordless vacuum/wipe cleaner which is meant for the sole purpose of cleaning up your hard-floors (e.g. wooden or tiled) with efficiency and complete ease. This account is just a brief overview of what exactly we know so far about the Dyson Hard (as the product as of yet, hasn't actually been released -- only the mention that it will be available to us soon), how the Dyson Hard is going to work, who its meant for and why exactly they need it -- as well as some educated guesses of what we can expect in regards to specifications (from what we haven't been informed of already) with relevance to Dyson's other cordless vacuum selection e.g. Digital Slim and handhelds (DC34, DC35, DC44 etc.).

Dyson DC56 Hard- Hardfloor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Jan 20, 2014)

About the 'Dyson Hard'

Now, before we go straight into what the 'Dyson Hard' is all about, how good will it be etc. we should firstly listen about it from the Horse's mouth i.e exactly what Mr. Dyson has to say regarding his very latest product (as quoted from "Cleaning hard floors is frustrating and ineffective - you vacuum then mop. Propelled by our power-dense digital motor, our engineers have designed a machine that combines constant, powerful suction with wet wiping."[1]

Sounds rather promising, wouldn't you agree?

Essentially, what Mr. Dyson and his engineers have gone about creating is -- through utilizing and updating their standard Dyson technology (my thinking being primarily through their Dyson digital slim range with the DC35 and DC44 in terms of look and usability such as the wand, hand grip etc. as well as the standard Dyson Root Cyclone technology: for no loss of suction) along with some new engineering achievements (i.e the actual cleaner head, with dual channel suction) is a cordless 'combination' cleaning vacuum that essentially turns two relatively difficult jobs into one easy one.

Instead of vacuuming/brushing/sweeping and then mopping all you have to use is the Dyson Hard in one swell swoop through removing "grime" and "dirt" simultaneously. Dyson (as through the video below) admittedly claim that such devices out there already exist i.e the combination aspect -- Dyson however also state 'they' aren't actually that good, and looking around compared with what this 'Hard' is said to offer (being more effective, lighter ,easier to use, quicker to implement etc.), they are right on! This hence makes such a cleaning product ideal for those who either suffer with mobility issues, arthritis and that of the elderly due to all the extra effort it saves them.

How Does it Work? What's it for? What We Know and Don't Know (Yet)

From the 'latest' information about the Dyson Hard, we know the following -- it will be encompassed with the uniquely patented Root Cyclone technology (as is, all of Dyson's vacuum cleaning products), this essentially means i) it will be bagless and ii) it won't suffer with loss of suction i.e the more dirt and grime you pick up, means it won't have an impact on the level of suction power the Dyson Hard is exhibiting -- in other words the cleaning suction won't diminish, which is a common problem found with that of non-Dyson vacuums.

As stated we see a lot of similarities with the Dyson Hard to that of the Digital Slim range (DC35, DC44) such as the wand-reach feature (the tube connecting the handle to the cleaner head), allowing you to use a Dyson Hard to clean both high and low as well as it being detachable in order to get intimate cleaning done (in awkward gaps and small spaces etc. e.g. similar operation to how the DC44 essentially turns into the DC34 -- just the handle and cleaning head). They have also been rather clever and designed the cleaner head to be of a 'low profile' hence allowing you to easily clean under cabinets, tables etc. (saving you the annoying hassle of moving them to clean underneath).

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner
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(price as of Jan 20, 2014)

Obviously, an important factor remains (I believe) it can still operate as a vacuum as evidenced by the latter part of the Dyson Hard advert (featured above) and will operate on very similar grounds to the Dyson Digital slim range (they are practically like for like) in that they can be changed and altered around by differing between the combination tool. This being said, I believe it will be much more limited with regards to how the typical DC35 etc. can operate as a vacuum cleaner (ultimately this will depend on whether you change change the Dyson Hard's cleaning head to that of a typical vacuum turbine head). If it is the case then that would be very useful (especially to those who already have a DC35 or DC44), but from a business end perspective it wouldn't make too much sense, but only time will tell.

Regards, to a DC35 Vs Dyson Hard or DC44 Vs Dyson Hard -- well the former are meant for vacuuming (all floor types, curtains with dust and debris) and the other is meant for cleaning hard floored surfaces (dirt and grime).

In terms of the Dyson Hard's practicalities and specifications (it is not completely known as of yet) -- but because it has it still has a 22.2 V lithium-ion battery (comparing it to the DC44) and as it has a newer version of the Dyson Digital Motor i.e V2, this would suggest that it is more powerful than the Digital Slims (maybe). This, being said I wouldn't expect too much improvement of the battery life that the DC44 possesses (at 20 minutes standard mode and 8 minutes boost mode) nor the standard suction power of 28 Air watts and boost power of 65 air watts -- it will actually be interesting to see if the Dyson Hard does actually feature the 'Boost' mode. 

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
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(price as of Jan 20, 2014)

With regards to practicality specifications and 'cleaning suction performance' i.e 'power', 'battery life', 'battery charge', 'bin size' is also difficult to know as of yet (without the released specifications). Although it does appear that they have stayed with the 22.2 V lithium-ion battery (relative to the Dyson DC44) but have an upgraded version of the Dyson Digital motor i.e V2 (version two). It appears from the advert that the wall mounted charging docking station will also come with the purchase, which is certainly a plus. In terms of how the Dyson Hard operates, because it is so similar in design (e.g. handle) I can't imagine it being if at all heavier than the DC44 (4.9 lbs) and storing much more dirt (0.35 litres) etc.

The aspects from the design will likely be the same (as is with both the DC35 and DC44) of a Height: 112 x Width: 23 x Depth:30 cm. Interestingly, the Dyson Hard's cleaner head appears to be the only real noticeable difference being that it has a two-by-two point axis by which the wand connects to the cleaner head, allowing for ease of use. Whereby through the floating wipe plate appears to be where you will attach 'Dyson wet wipes' which will probably be needed to be purchased on a regular basis, but we shall see.

Attachments that come with the Dyson Hard will be (I almost guarantee) what comes with every Dyson vacuum -- the combination tool and the stair tool (from which you see being used in the 'see it in action' video). 

The price concern, as with pretty much asll Dyson products, don't expect this to be cheap on any scale, I believe it will approximately come in at around the $400 mark (if not more).

So effectively the latest on the Dyson Hard is that we know it will be i) very similar 'design-wise' to the Digital Slim range and ii) it is meant to essentially convert two 'relatively difficult' jobs into one 'easy and effective' job -- both saving time and improving performance. As I am well and truly in the Dyson fan club, I am sincerely hoping it can -- and it turns out to be as good as Dyson make it out to be. With regards to when it will be available and released, I am guessing (as we haven't actually officially been told) definitely by winter 2013 so approximately mid/late September or early October. I will be sure to get hold of one and update you here on this page with a brutally honest review along with what others are saying about it. 

If you have one or are going to get one please let me know what you think in the comments section below -- moreover, if you have any questions, concerns, remarks regarding the Dyson Hard please do not hesitate to make them int he comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.