Mattress Attachment

The following review of the Dyson Mattress tool is essentially split into two sections -- the first one being a rather objective report, detailing the purpose of the mattress tool and what it is intended for and exactly how it goes about carrying out its task. The second section is more from a 'human' and real perspective, like 'how well does the mattress tool work' and is it actually even worth its price tag (from both my 'own personal review' along with a summary of other opinions on the mattress tool also).

Dyson Mattress ToolCredit: -- DysonWhat is the Dyson Mattress Tool?

The 'mattress tool' is rather self explanatory -- it aims to remove and clean dirt, allergens and dust etc. from your mattress and related bed accessories and upholstery, effectively.

How Does the Dyson Mattress Tool Work?

Attaching on to either your Dyson's wand or telescope hose (depending on the type and model of your Dyson vacuum cleaners), enables the tool to release fibers into the airflow from which they are then sucked away. Moreover, it is angled specifically at a 45 degree angle to both distribute suction power evenly as well as allowing you to easily maneuver the tool across your mattress etc.

Is My Dyson Vacuum Compatible With the Dyson Mattress Tool?

The Dyson Mattress attachment is suitable for use on ALL Dyson vacuum cleaners. This includes ALL Upright vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC24, DC25, DC33, DC40, DC41 -- and all the versions: Animal, Complete, Multi-floor etc.), as well as ALL Cylinder and Canister based vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC32, DC38, DC39 -- and all the versions: Animal, Complete, Multi-floor etc.) and even the cordless and handheld Dyson Vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC31, DC34, DC35, DC44

How 'Good' is the Dyson Mattress Tool?

I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic when it came to the mattress tool -- my pre-thinking was that it is simply trying to solve a problem, that isn't really there (and also to probably make Dyson a few bucks in the process), but when I actually got hold of it, I was proven somewhat half right.

I was right that I didn't really 'need' the tool, but was adamantly proven wrong in the sense it made my cleaning experience a 'far' great deal easier -- and eventually found it to be probably one of the most useful (and used) attachment of my entire Dyson accessory range. Using it not only for my mattress, sheets, pillows etc. but for my living room furniture too -- saving a great deal of time from trying to clean and dry bed sheets etc.

Is the Dyson Mattress Tool Worth it?

If you check out many other reviews of the Dyson Mattress tool, you are likely to find that they are largely similar to my own -- in praising the attachment with many finding interesting functions for the attachment such as "I even use it on clothing (I put them on a hanger and hold the bottom down while gliding the tool downward)." -- a review from -- and another similar review to my own in many senses "I have to admit that I didn't originally think I needed a mattress tool. Then I realized that it's not just for the mattress itself--it's terrific for getting dog hair and grit off the duvet and sheets. I use it almost daily now on the bedding." again from

Where to Find the Best Price for the Dyson Mattress Tool?

Dyson retail the attachment at around the $30 mark (as of 06/10/2012), however if you were to do a little online bargain hunting you should be able to find it at a discounted price. For example, if you check they are currently, as of the date, are holding a 27% discount on the Dyson Mattress tool.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns either regarding the Dyson Mattress tool review or specifically regarding the attachment itself (e.g. specifications, technical aspects, performance etc.) then please be sure to make them in the comments section, that you should be able to find just below, and I will respond as soon as possible.