Dyson Up-Top Brush

The following review of the Dyson Multi-Angle Brush attachment is essentially split into two separate sections -- the first section acts a rather objective report of the brush, specifying the purpose of the brush and how it essentially works along with technical aspects and details. The second part is a look at the Multi-angled brush from a 'real' perspective assessing how well it works in practical use, and whether it offers value for its price tag (through not only my own personal review of the Multi-angle brush, but the general outlook on it too).

Dyson Multi-Angle Brush AttachmentCredit: Amazon.co.uk -- DysonWhat is the Dyson Multi-Angle Brush? 

The main purpose of the mult-angle brush tool is to essentially allow you to clean dust etc. from the tops of surfaces for example cupboard tops, lampshades, shelves, ceilings etc. (As demonstrated in the video just below)

How does the Dyson Up Top Brush Work?

The attachment fixes on to your Dyson's hose or wand, and through its multiple pivoting points (click-locking into shape), you can position it in order to get to the hard to reach surfaces (as demonstrated in the video just below). Moreover, as it is fitted with soft nylon brushes it ensures no scratches or marks etc. to the surfaces.

Is My Dyson Vacuum Compatible With the Dyson Multi-Angle Brush?

The Dyson Up-top attachment is suitable for ALL upright vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC24, DC25, DC33, DC40, DC41 -- including all versions i.e Multi-floor and Animal) as well as ALL canister/cylinder vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC32, DC38, DC39 etc. -- including all versions i.e Multi-floor and Animal). Hence, is not suitable for Dyson handheld and cordless vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC31, DC34, DC35, DC44 etc.)

How 'Good' is the Dyson Up Top Brush?

In fairness, I think you will surprise yourself at just how often you will end up using this tool. I found the main use is primarily cleaning the tops of cupboards within my kitchen and the top skirtings around rooms, but that is about as far as it goes for me. However, my friend swears that if you find vacuuming complicated light fixtures etc. then you will really love this tool -- providing you with a great point of contact (not too sure in this regard however).

What I will say is that in all, it does what it says -- it makes cleaning high reach areas a fair bit easier, well certainly more so than having to carry a chair into place then balance on it in order to reach your desired spot (in addition taking away the element of risk from balancing on table tops etc. too).

Is the Dyson Multi-Angle Brush Attachment Worth it?

If you were to look around online for other Dyson multi-angle brush attachment reviews, you will find that they generally match my own. For example on Amazon.com, the brush is regularly praised with comments such as "This attachment is the best thing they could have invented" and "This is the one attachment that I've found absolutely indispensable with my Dyson."

Where to Find the Best Price for the Dyson Up Top Brush?

Dyson retail the up-top (aka multi-angle) brush as of 05/10/2012 for around the $35 mark. However, if you were to do a bit of bargain hunting online you could probably find it for a fair bit cheaper. For example, if you were to check Amazon.com, as of the current date, they are holding at a 14% discount and hence $5 cheaper. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns either regarding the Dyson multi-angle brush attachment review or actually about the brush itself (e.g. technical aspects, specifications etc.) then please be sure to make them in the comments section, that you will find just below and I will reply to you as soon as possible.