The following article is a brief objective review of the Dyson Pet Clean-Up kit -- primarily aiming to inform those 'more' about what exactly comes within the Dyson Pet accessory 'kit' --  e.g. what you can expect in terms of the equipment and attachments, what are their purposes etc. (i.e essentially what the accessories do and a review of how good they are at actually doing it). Along with a final concluding verdict as to whether it is worth buying the Pet clean-up kit or not (or perhaps better to buy your favoured items separately).

What's in the Dyson Pet Clean-Up Kit?Dyson Pet Clean-Up Accessory Kit ReviewCredit: -- Dyson

The Dyson Flexi-Crevice Tool (retails separately at -- $29.99): this is a great little tool that allows you to get into those hard to reach 'gaps' and spaces, due to its reach length and unique ability of being able to flex and bend in and around corners and unforgiving edges of cabinets and furniture etc. Moreover, it is attached with specially engineered nylon bristles that allow it to perform a 'flicking' motion on tough dirt stains, popping the dirt up from the soft flooring, and due to the bristles being angled on such a basis (45 degree) -- all the (now loose) dirt gets captured by the suction of the vacuum and goes straight into the vacuum's storage bin.

The Dyson Mattress Tool (retails separately at -- $29.99): attaching to either your Dyson's wand or hose -- this mattress tool has been specifically engineered for a user to deal with vacuuming and removing dust, allergens and debris from your mattress and pillows etc. The tool distributes suction power evenly across its head, and comes on a 45 degree neck to allow for ease of motion, when in use, across the mattress and other such upholstery etc.

The Zorb Cleaning Kit -- Zorb Maintenance Powder Pack & Zorb Clean Spray (retails separately at -- $12.99 each): the 26.5 oz Zorb pack is meant to simply act as a 'carpet maintenance' powder allowing you to clean and freshen up your carpet and overall room -- it works through essentially absorbing dirt and debris from your soft flooring (working particularly well on a wool based carpet).

The 8.5 fl. oz. Zorb spray utilizes a special formula that incorporates four separate active agents in order to allows the user to effectively remove stubborn dirt and spills etc. from carpets (again, Dyson claim it to work especially well for wool based carpets).

The Zorb Groomer (retails separately at $29.99 -- under parts) : the Zorb groomer is in essence just a motorised cleaner head (which forms as part of the entire Zorb Cleaning kit) that is attached with lengthy nylon bristles that pretty much allows the Zorb carpet maintenance features and agents named just above to be activated deep within soft flooring.

What Dyson Models Can the Attachments Be Used On/With?

The Dyson Pet Clean-Up kit is suitable to ALL Upright Vacuum cleaners (including the DC24, DC25, DC40, DC41 etc. and both the Multi-floor, limited and Animal versions) as well as ALL the Canister/Cylinder based vacuums (including the DC23, DC26, DC39 etc. and both the Multi-floor, limited and Animal versions). Hence, not to be used with handheld, cordless vacuums such as the DC34, DC35 etc.

Is It Worth Buying the Dyson Pet Clean-Up Kit?

As can be seen from the above prices listed, if you were to buy the items that make up the Dyson Pet cleaning kit separately -- it would amount to around $116 altogether, so you can hence make a saving of roughly $16 through purchasing the actual kit.

Although you do make a saving, I am still not entirely convinced that the kit is actually worth its price tag of $99.99, simply due to the lack of savings being made, especially when you compare it to the other Dyson Accessory kits on offer -- such as the Dyson Cordless Tool Kit -- where larger distinct savings can be observed (approximately $35) through purchasing the kit and in my view coming with a larger set of practical and versatile tools (particularly when compared with the Zorb Cleaning kit aspect of the package, which in my eyes comes in a bit overvalued).

So if you are interested in the Pet Clean-Up kit be sure to check out etc. where they often display discounts on the Dyson Accessory kits -- and so you can hence probably find the Dyson Pet clean kit to be a fair bit cheaper than the standard RRP $99.99 price tag (e.g. it was retailing the Dyson Pet Clean-up kit at less than $40 as of 15/09/2012, in which case I would say it is definitely worth the price tag, making you a saving of around $75).

Therefore, in sum -- if you are after everything that is contained within the accessory bundle and happy with what is on offer in the kit (which chances are, you aren't and are  only interested in one or two of the accessories in the kit -- and in which case, I would advise buying the items separately -- which you should also check for) then by all means go ahead and buy it, but before you I will advise you to firstly do some shopping around beforehand though, hunt down the best deals and prices -- and you will more than likely find yourself end up paying a lot less than the RRP, and from which case you are then.. ending up with a better value deal.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns either regarding the Dyson Pet Clean-Up review as an article or specifically regarding the Dyson pet Clean-up kit, or any of the items and attachments individually (i.e the Dyson flexi-crevice tool, the Dyson mattress tool, the Zorb cleaning maintenance powder, Zorb Cleaning spray or the Zorb cleaner groomer head) then please do be sure to make them in the comments section, that you should be able to find just below. Moreover, if you have bought the 'kit' please do let me know what you think.