Dyson Soft Brush Tool

I am glad to bring you -- my (brief & rather objective) review of the Dyson Soft Brush tool -- that will aim to try and explain the following to you: what exactly the purpose of the soft brush tool is and what can it do -- how the brush attachment works (and what Dyson models does it actually function with) and generally how good an accessory is it -- and whether it is worth its price tag of roughly $30.

What is the Soft Dusting Brush Tool?Dyson Soft Dusting Brush ToolCredit: Amazon.com -- Dyson

The soft brush tool has been engineered to simply 'attach' on to your Dyson vacuum's wand or telescope-- in order to allow you to carry out vacuum powered dusting in and around your home. The Dyson brush tool has the capability of removing microscopic dust particles, allergens and bacteria from intricately delicate areas and furniture amongst other fragile and uneven (& even) surfaces (e.g. Blinds and Keyboards).

How Does the Soft Brush Dusting Attachment Work Exactly?

The issue pointed out by Dyson is that with many of the other standard 'vacuum dust attachments' and alternative -- they simply aren't very good at what they do -- often they will end up circulating and expelling dust particles into the air, so of course it appears like it doing a good job as the surface is clearer and cleaner -- but the dust hasn't actually been removed from the room.

The way the Dyson soft brush tool claims to be different (& 'effective')  is due to its 'fine nylon bristles' angled on a 'right-angle' 45 degrees to allow dust straight into its airflow -- in order to be directly sucked away into the storage bin of the vacuum. Moreover, the positioning of the front end bristles are purposely spaced apart to prevent them getting stuck to delicate upholstery. Along with a strip down the centre of the brush to ensure it doesn't scratch polished and fragile surfaces.

Dyson Soft Brush Tool In Use

Is My Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Compatible With the Soft Brush Accessory?

The soft dusting brush is available to ALL Dyson vacuum cleaners -- so that includes the Dyson upright vacuum cleaner rage (e.g. DC25, DC40, DC41 etc.), the Dyson canister vacuum cleaners (e.g. DC32, DC39 etc.) as well as the cordless handheld vacuum cleaners (DC30, DC31 and DC34 etc.) and that of the modern Dyson Digital Slim vacuums (DC35 & DC44) -- both Animal and Multi-floor.

How Good is the Soft Dusting Brush Tool?

One Amazon reviewer claimed "this worked beautifully!" (J. Ray).

To be quite honest -- it does exactly what you are asking of it, but not a lot more. If you are looking for a brush head that requires the sole purpose of picking small amounts of dust and debris on delicate surfaces (e.g. Keyboards, TV Screens etc.) -- then the Dyson brush tool is more than capable of sucking up even the smallest particles of dust without ever leaving a scratch. However, don't expect it to be carrying out additional jobs that it simply wasn't designed to do -- like get into awkward places or pick up pet hair (you should be looking at a flexi crevice tool or tangle free turbine head for those type of jobs).

Is the Soft Brush Tool Worth $30?

Admittedly the price of $30 is pretty hefty considering ... all it is really, is a brush. But, it works and you may find a similar contraption for cheaper but I seriously doubt it can give you as good a performance as the Soft Dyson Brush. You are buying quality here at the end of the day that can do the job -- moreover it looks pretty cool for a brush. 

You can buy the Dyson soft brush tool in a package deal with the 'Dyson Home Cleaning Kit' where you also get the 'Multi-angle brush' as well as the highly rated 'stiff bristle brush' which individually would cost around $85 -- but the package can be bought on Amazon for around the $55 mark, so you could look at getting a better value deal there.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Soft Dyson Brush tool review then please make them in the comments section below.