Tangle-Free Turbine

The following article is a brief objective review of the Dyson Tangle Free Turbine tool -- that aims to explain the following: what the tangle-free tool does exactly, how it works (& what Dyson models is it available for), how good of an attachment the 'Tangle Free Turbine' actually is, and essentially whether it is worth its price tag of $69.99? 

What is the Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool?

Simply put ... the Dyson Tangle free turbine tool is used as a flexible attachment to your Dyson Vacuum cleaner in order to remove hair from a range of flooring and furniture -- and straight into your vacuum storage bin -- without the hair ever getting tangled up at the head (the only turbine of its kind that doesn't tangle, as well being the most effective 'pet hair' tool of its kind). Dyson Tangle Free Turbine ToolCredit: Amazon.com -- Dyson

Solving the problem that many other hair tools & attachments experience -- where the hair ends up getting trapped by the brushes around the turbine -- and hence as a result they start to either lose suction power or worse still, they simply stop working altogether and are then in need of repair or a replacement.

How Does the Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool Work?

It is engineered mainly on the basis of two flexible elliptical 'counter-rotating heads' along with attached brushes and clean air turbine to actually remove the hair at a constant suction from a range of (even and uneven) surfaces and straight into its storage bin.

The heads are ideally located for the brushes to reach the front and side of the turbine allowing it draw in hair & dust particles from 360 degrees in towards the tool, allowing it to get stuck right into the edges and corners of flooring & stairs etc. Moreover, it comes with an additional 'mesh filter' in order to prevent dust from hindering the cleaning performance of the turbine.

Is My Vacuum Cleaner Compatible with the Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool?

The tool is available for the DC23 and DC25 onwards (including both upright and canister vacuums -- i.e not the DC22 and DC24, but for the DC26, 39, 41 etc.), however not for the cordless models e.g. DC34, Dyson Digital Slim DC34 etc. Any questions regarding this, please make them in the comments section below.

How Good is the Tangle Free Attachment?

Hey... it works, and works rather well.

The obvious improvement on that of the previous models (mini turbine heads) is that it won't breakdown due to hair etc. getting clogged up within it. Along with it being pretty easy to maintain and clean -- in case anything does get stuck in the turbine that isn't wanted. 

Moreover, it works on pretty much anything from pillows to stairs -- without really a need in difference in pressure to be applied.

Bottom line: Those who aren't overly impressed with the predecessor mini turbine head, will be pretty impressed with the tangle free -- not a great improvement in performance, but the concern of breaking down (frequently) is removed.

Moreover, it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Is the Tangle Free Turbine Head Worth the $70?


The previous attachments used to collect pet hair were at a similar price and were pretty much the best on the market at what they did -- and this is a definite improvement on that, so it seems rather logical. 

If your house suffers with being covered in pet hair -- then this attachment is your solution.

If you have any questions or specific remarks regarding the Tangle Free Turbine Head tool review or have had any experiences with it, then I encourage you to make them in the comments section below.