You have decided that you are going to buy a Dyson vacuum for your home, but you have questions about the pricing, and what features you will get, and what you actually need on a day to day basis. First, you need to decide how big you need your vacuum to be. You also need to take into consideration whether or not you have pets, and multi-surface flooring in your house.

There are vacuums available that can suit your needs, but you need to identify what they are, so that you get more value for your dollar and the features that you need. When doing Dyson vacuum price comparisons, it is important to compare vacuums in the same category. The upright vacuum comes in several different sizes and models.

The DC14 Telescope Reach comes in at $399 on the company's website, it will work on all floor surfaces. The DC24 All Floors is also $399 and comes with the Dyson ball technology but it is light weight and easily stored in smaller homes. For the homeowner with pets the DC25 Animal is $549.00 and comes with the Dyson ball technology. The DC28 Animal is $599.00 and comes with Airmuscle technology.

There is more variation when doing Dyson vacuum price comparisons with the canister models. The DC23 at the low end comes with level 3 cyclone root technology and a turbine head for all-around performance, it is listed for $399.99 In the middle of the spectrum you have the DC23 Motorhead listed for $599.99. It also has 3 cyclone root technology, but this model comes with motorized brush bar specifically designed to pick up pet hair.

On the high end of the spectrum there is DC22 Motorhead listed for 799.99. This model comes with a digital motor, and it very compact. It is a special addition model so availability is limited. When it comes to doing Dyson vacuum price comparisons with handheld models, it is really very simple because there are two listed on the website.

The first is the DC31 listed at $219.99 This vacuum has a digital motor, a dual power mode that gives you longer running time for large jobs and extra suction for stubborn dirt. Having a digital motors means that it will run three times as fast. The DC31 Animal, is listed for $269.99. Like the DC31, it has a digital motor, and the dual power mode but it also has the added brush bar, for pet hair removal.

A vacuum cleaner, especially a Dyson vacuum, is an investment in the health and cleanliness of your home. All of the models listed above come with HEPA filters with a lifetime guarantee, and a five year warranty on parts and labor.

The website also does not charge for shipping, in the event that something goes awry with your vacuum. Any Dyson vacuum, is a good investment. It's just a matter or choosing the features you need to make your home dust and allergen free, so that you can clean your house, and then enjoy your day.