There are many things to consider when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner for you home, and there are many different brands to choose from. As a consumer, you need to decide what is important to you, and go from there when making your decision.

Two of the most popular brands on the market today are Dyson vacuum and the Orek. These two brands will be compared on their performance, canister vs bag, and their features. Again, the choice is ultimately up to the consumer, but here is some useful information.

Dyson Vacuum vs Orek Performance

While both vacuums have good suction, you can purchase a Dyson that can be used on all the floors in your house. You are able to turn off the beater bar of a Dyson vacuum and use it on hardwood floors and ceramic tile.

Whereas, an Orek does not have that capability, and an attempt to use it on hardwood floors would only find you artfully pushing the dirt around instead of picking it up. The Dyson also comes with cyclone technology, that has been patented and retains its suction power for years, whereas an Orek will start to loose a little of its pep as time goes on.

Dyson Vacuum vs Orek Canister or Bag?

The Orek comes standard with a bag to collect the debris. While the bags have been moderately successful in containing the filth for many years, bags still do not get all of the dust out of the air, and they have to be replaced often.

The Dyson, however, comes with a canister. Once vacuuming has been completed, the canister can be emptied, cleaned and reused indefinitely. The Dyson also comes with a lifetime HEPA filter that only needs to be cleaned every six months to rid the air in your home off allergens. The Orek bag holds eight quarts, while the Dyson holds two quarts, but dumping the canister is as simple as taking it outside to your Dumpster.

Dyson Vacuum vs Orek Features

Most Orek vacuum cleaners do not come with any handheld features on the machine itself. There are models that have a handheld unit built in, but that is as far as it goes. The Dyson, however, has an extension wand, that is accessible from the handle. You merely pull the handle off, pull out the hose, and attach the tool desired to reach those hard to reach areas such as corners and ceiling cobwebs.

Another important difference between the Orek and the Dyson is the length of the cord. The cord on a Dyson vacuum is considerably longer, than the one on the Orek, and can save you time unplugging and then replugging your vacuum. This is how the Dyson stacks up against the Orek.

It is now up to you, the consumer to decide which one best fits your needs. Sure it is impressive that the Orek can pick up, and eight pound bowling ball, but if that is really all it can do, then why not go with a product that is easier to use, that creates a healthy allergen-free environment for you, you family, and your pets.