Wrote your e-book? Time for distribution

You have finally put the finishing touches to your e-book, had the cover designed and have done it to the best of your ability. Now what? Next, you need somewhere that will distribute it for you with minimal to no effort on your part. Here is where one of these two companies will solve that for you.




E-Junkie was initially set up by a guy who had an e-book out and needed a script that would send the e-book when someone purchased it, rather than do it manually himself. He developed that script and has turned it into a great digital product distribution company.


E-Junkie charges a flat fee of $5 per month to use their services. There are no limits to how many times your e-book can be downloaded and they will not charge you per transaction. They also link you with affiliates, so other people can go out and sell your products for you. Of course, the affiliate take a percentage of the sale but only what you are willing to pay them. This percentage that will be expected varies from product to product.


E-Junkie is easy to use and set up and is probably best for those of you who are just starting out.


Click bank


Click bank is another digital distributor and is regarded as the best. In terms of appearance and stature, they are superior to E-junkie. Although, there is a price to pay for their prestige. A $49.95 activation fee upon acceptance of your first product. There are no monthly fees involved, however, they will take a 7.5% cut of the price of your product and a $1 charge per transaction. This could easily eat a big wedge into your profits.


However, Click banks success is made possible by its affiliates. It has a huge network of affiliate marketers who are waiting to take your product and sell it to the world. Again, they will take a cut which you decide the percentage of.


Click bank currently has 50,000 digital products out on the market that are selling everyday. In fact, they make 35,000 transactions PER DAY. They have also earned their clients (you) $1.7 billion. Yeah, that does say billion.


But, if you are not relying on affiliate marketers pushing your products and are happy to promote them yourself, Click bank may not seem such a good option.


So, you are likely to sell more with Click Bank but pay a lot less for E-Junkie. Volume or profit margin? Hmm, personal circumstances prevail, you decide.