Wow, there are a lot of options available for the web entrepreneur today!  You can create a web page and get it out there using any number of ecommerce hosting sights that are available.

Depending on what you are looking for, there is likely a host site that will fit your personal requirements quite well.

I have created many web sites and was never more confused as to how to set a web site up, how to get it into the internet and how to market it so that anyone who is looking for what I have to offer can find what they want from my business or personal web sites.   Today I will address two that I have the most experience with; GoDaddy and Hostgator.

GoDaddy is a great place to buy domain names.  The reason I say this is that their prices cannot be beat!  You can select an open .com domain name for less than $12.00 a year!  That is an impressive and low budget way to get your blog or your business web site off the ground.  The only complaint I can give about is that although they provide free web hosting on top of their premium hosting services that cost money, the free hosting requires a huge banner at the top of your web page for advertising their sponsors.  That can come off as very unprofessional when you are trying to host your business.

Hostgator is more expensive, but still reasonable, with the typical .com costing about $11.00 a month.  The great thing about Hostgator is that they will host unlimited web sites piggy-backing off of the original domain purchased on their site.  This is a very economical and practical use of the money because if you have multiple accounts or wish to help out family or friends, your web hosting is not hindered by limitations.  I purchased what they call a “baby” account, giving me that unlimited web option, for that $11.00 a month. 

Customer service is another comparison that is crucial and vital when you are trying to figure out your expenses for your ecommerce hosting business.  I discovered a way to eliminate the banner from which was against their fine print rules and when they discovered it they froze my account.  I was not happy about that one bit, and tried to begin a discussion on their response.  I even put the banner back into my web site per their requirements but after a month I was still unable to get my web page to load on the internet.  They still charged me for the domain name but I was unable to access my web page.  That is one reason why I searched elsewhere for my web hosting.

Hostgator, on the other hand, provides friendly and professional response to your Hostgator problems.  I’ve only needed to chat with them three times but each time I was met with people who knew the business and were willing to take the time to make things right the first time.  I could not have hoped for better customer service.

Perks are available in both Hostgator and web sites.  Because I do not host my web site URLs on, I’m not very well versed on their value or ease of use, but I can say that their help pages cannot be equaled.  I found out everything I needed to know in the help pages when I began hosting on their site.  HostGator also gives you perks.  If you play around with them you will find a great deal of cool and neat things that you can use to make your web site perfect regardless of whether you are creating a photo share site for your family or if you are trying to make a business selling things online.  Hostgator has a third party tool called SiteBuilder that allows you to create up to ten web sites using their simple to use templates and editing functions.

If I were beginning again I would purchase all my web pages through for their very inexpensive rates, and host all my web sites under a single domain name on Hostgator.  This works perfect for me.

Well, it’s time for me to create another business web site.  I’ll talk to you all later.