E-Mealz is a fantastic must-have meal makeover for frugal families. What is E-Mealz? It’s a source of meal-time dinner recipes created for and by frugal families who want to save money while eating delicious dinners together. Ever wonder what it would be like to have a family meal almost every night? Ever wonder why there is nothing to eat when you just went grocery shopping? This meal makeover can help.

Meal MakeoverCredit: E-Mealz

Having a family get together for dinner is very difficult at times. Just one dinner a week can almost seem impossible let alone an entire week’s worth of meals. Families struggling to spend time together for dinner should sign up for E-Mealz so that the family becomes the focus once again at the dinner table. Rushing to prepare a meal or buying take-out because a trip to the grocery store was forgotten or pushed aside could become a thing of the past with the easy recipe ingredients list provided to you on a weekly basis through this meal makeover resource.

Frugal Families Use E-Mealz

Apart from being labeled as time-consuming for those who are busy, preparing and making dinner can put a financial damper on some households. Without a proper plan, shopping for groceries can become quite costly. Many families do not know how to write-up a grocery shopping list that will serve their needs for an entire week or even just one meal. Add in eating healthy, and you’ve got another cost that is eating away at the family budget. Due to this financial constraint, families revert to eating fast food or preparing unhealthy dinners assuming that this is the best way to save money.

 E-Mealz, created by Jane DeLaney who is a mom of four, wanted a better and easier way to plan for dinner. With the help of her sister, Jenny Cochran, she has been able to pull off an amazing feat of gathering many ingredients and recipes that when used with the included grocery shopping list can help bring back the family dinner and save families money at the same time.

E-Mealz Has 26 Choices for Meal Makeover Options

Meal Makeover for Frugal Families

For a small monthly fee, you will get weekly recipes with an ingredient and grocery list organized by grocery aisles or sections. You can choose from 26 different meal makeover options. All you need to do is log in to your account and print out the menu and shopping list. The creators of E-Mealz also go one step further. If you have selected a specific store from the options available for your meal makeover project, your list will show the prices as advertised by the store for that week that you intend to make your dinners.

Each meal plan grocery list will run you about $75-$85 depending on the store option you select.  You also don’t have to worry about eating the same thing week after week. Favorite recipes are only repeated about every 4-6 months while all other recipes are brand new.

This meal makeover can help frugal families stay within budget while bringing back dinner and quality time spent together. From personal experience, E-Mealz gives more than what you pay for it: It's also a great plan to help you lose weight.