It wasn't too long ago that E3 was believed to be a lost trade show. Organizers and supports had stressed that they wouldn't use the trade show as a launching point for new products or to show off their latest and greatest gadgets. But, not much has changed since that was the believe.

This year is no different as the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and many others showed off new gadgets and gaming devices that will surely bring more and more consumers to stores to pick up the latest products. E3 is still the trade show of electronic trade shows. Especially amongst video game developers and hardware manufacturers.

Trade Show experts and bloggers follow events like this to detail how each of the different organizations are utilizing marketing strategies to increase the audience reach for the products they're promoting. These events aren't rocket science, but there is a science to making them successful. Trade Shows, especially from company keynotes, is a launching platform for many marketing strategies.

It starts with the keynote, but doesn't end there. Websites showing off the most recent technologies and the products that will soon hit the streets are quickly made available so that consumers and media representatives can quickly take a closer look at the goods and services that were announced. You see this especially from companies like Microsoft and Nintendo who are showing off their Kinetic and DS 3D products. Their websites were up almost as soon as the keynote started that displayed a full feature set of specific details about their products.

Marketers of all ages can learn a lot from successful keynotes and through attending trade shows. As a visual observer you can get a sense of the level of comfort, completeness, and pride a company has behind a product. Many point to Steve Jobs and his proud demonstrations of the countless hours that Apple employees put in to build high quality products for end users. It is also a chance to see first hand reactions that potential consumers may have for the products. If media and other trade show attendes don't seem to excited for a device, its highly unlikely that it will gain steam amongst the main consumer markets.

E3 has always been an exciting Trade Show, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for it.