The affordable sexdrive

An Aphrodisiac is a substance such as food, drink, drug, scent or device that can arouse or induce feelings of sexual desire. The name Aphrodisiac was derived from the Greek goddess of beauty and sensuality, Aphrodita. In the past aphrodisiacs were used to cure different sexual anxieties but today they are used to increase sexual tension. Aphrodisiacs have a powerful effect on the mind as they trigger the release of chemicals in the brain that help in stimulating certain organs. People from all walks of life in the world have spent a lot of money and travelled far and wide to look for the ‘magic drug’, sometimes illegal like rhino horns, which can add the spark in their sex lives or supercharge them when they could have easily just looked around them to find it.

Here is a list of aphrodisiacs that can be found in your home or at the local supermarket and leave you satisfied without any guilt:

Fruits such as banana, fig, papaya, avocado, peach and pomegranate which are rich in potassium and vitamin B necessary for producing sexual hormones. To improve endurance and make the sexual experience last longer, eat any of the above some hours before trying to get it on with your spouse or partner.

Vegetables that contain androsterone, such as celery can revive sexual attraction between long-time couples. Androsterone is a male hormone that helps mimic the effect of pheromone that makes a man more attractive and irresistible to women. These vegetables can also improve one’s moods.

Ginger is a root that is known to have a not so nice smell. However, ginger is very valuable in promoting good blood flow, particularly where it matters, increasing the genital sensitivity. If the fear of having bad breath after eating it freaks you out, just cut the ginger and smell it for a minute or so. The same applies to other herbs such as garlic, aniseed, licorice, nutmeg and cloves. Herbs have been used for centuries as a way of increasing libido and to promote sexual pleasure and arousal.

Spices such as chili, peppers, cardamom and asafetida contain capsaicin which is a chemical substance that stimulates the nervous endings and increases pulse.

Grains like oats and nuts such as pine nuts, gingko nuts.

Seafoods, especially oyster, caviar and shrimp.

Scents such as vanilla, patchouli and musk some of which are integrated into food or scented candles. Taking a hot bath with scented bath oils, preferably jasmine scent is also advisable.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, contains endorphins, a hormone that makes individuals feel happy and relaxed, teobromine stimulates heart muscles for better blood flow.

Honey is a main source of instant energy, pure honey contains boron which is needed by the body to release the female sex hormone estrogen which plays an important part in the arousal of women and vitamin B which is needed for the production of the male sex hormone testosterone.

These items are easy to find, highly effective, safe to use and nourishing for the body. They increase sexual drive or libido, improve performance and results in greater sexual satisfaction. The alternative to this is the use of specific supplements which are easily available, though you will have to seek a qualified professional’s opinion first. Other sources of Aphrodisiacs include a romantic candlelight meal with music and wine or full body massages which promote sexual desire by allowing contact and relaxing the body to eliminate stress.