EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp for the Nintendo Wii

The Interactive NFL Training Camp for Use with the Nintendo Wii

For football players and football fans that want to get an authentic taste of training with the pros, Electronic Arts offers the Interactive NFL Training Camp system for use with the Nintendo Wii. Follow real NFL players through the grueling paces of the National Football League's famous training camp. This full interactive suite includes the game software as well as exciting peripherals that put you right in the action alongside your favorite NFL players as you sweat and improve your agility, strength, endurance and football skills. This is the perfect system for football players looking to have some fun while further sharpening their skills and fitness in their downtime as well as for football fans that just can't get enough of the authentic NFL experience and want to gain some strength and lose a couple of pounds in the process. The Electronic Arts NFL Training Camp system for the Nintendo Wii comes with over 70 authentic NFL training camp drills and unbelievably advanced body and health monitoring equipment all for one low price of around $90!

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The Electronic Arts NFL Training Camp package include not only game discs for your Nintendo Wii. It also comes with advanced heart rate monitors as well as special bands for your legs and arms that accurately track your motions, positioning and speed in real time. The EA NFL Training Camp even tracks your heart rate on-screen in real time! When you start up your Nintendo Wii to play this game, you will be able to choose your favorite NFL team so that you can train in the stadium alongside your favorite football players and NFL idols. The system is designed to run you through authentic NFL training camp drills that will test and hone your quickness, agility, positioning and strength.

Why is this game program so popular lately? For one thing, it combines several different aspects that are found within any successful game - interactivity, image, novelty and freshness. (Major licensing muscle that allows you to train alongside your favorite football players doesn't hurt, either!). The EA Sports Active NFL traning camp probably wouldn't have been such a runaway success if it didn't have the seamless motion capturing functionality - after all, who is going to enjoy sitting on the couch and using a controller just to do push-ups, dips and quickness drills?

The best part about playing the Active NFL Training camp on your Wii is that you will reap real world rewards in the form of increased fitness, decreased body fat, and a very fun and engaging way to work out. It's no wonder that they've been flying off the shelves, especially with Amazon.com discounting them by about 50% during select weeks! During one of these weeks you can get the entire package for around $49 and change, which is much better than $100!

What Else Does the EA Sports Active Training Camp Do?

The system is also designed to hone and improve your first-step response. This particular ability is absolutely essential for football players that want to become successful and effective on the football field. That's because so many major game-changing plays are made or broken within the blink of an eye, and sometimes the difference between catching your man or making your catch can come down to your split-second reactions and burst-response instincts. The EA NFL Training Camp Wii System is designed with real football training camp skills in mind. If you follow along with this game and put some heart and dedication into it, you will quickly see results in your game and on the real field.

Even if you don't happen to be an aspiring football player, you and your friends and family can have a great time training alongside your favorite NFL players and losing weight and gaining strength while doing so. If you've always felt like getting into shape using traditional methods is a tremendous chore, that's because it is! The EA NFL Training Camp system for the Wii turns intensive and effective exercise into a fun video game that can entertain you so thoroughly you won't believe you're actually working out and getting into great shape. The ability to play alongside digital versions of your favorite football players further enhances the experience and makes you feel like you're inside a great video game. The only difference is, if you spend 4 hours playing this video game, you'll actually have burned a huge number of calories as opposed to gaining them by just sitting on the couch and letting only your thumbs do all the work!