EDF Energy is a French producer, trader and distributor of electricity supplies. The second largest electrical utility company in the world, the company has its headquarters in the French capital.

EDF generates energy using nuclear power stations in France, as well as fossil fuel and hydroelectric power stations. Its customers include industry, local authorities and residential consumers in many different countries including the United Kingdom.

The company manages low and medium-voltage public distribution networks and has involvement in the electricity transmission system.

Nuclear Electricity

EDF’s unique selling point is its low CO2 emissions due to its wide use of nuclear power stations. Of course nuclear fuel is not renewable and generates its own form of toxic waste that is difficult to process and store safely.

The majority of the energy generated by EDF comes from nuclear power which constitutes three quarters of its total production. Another 16.2 % of its energy is created through hydro-electrical plants, 10.2% comes from thermal (fossil fuel fired) plants and the remaining 0.1% is generated through wind power and other renewable sources.  

International Operations

Operating this diverse portfolio, EDF boasts a massive 120,000+ megawatts of generation capacity throughout a good part of the world.  They have resources in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa and North and South America.   The company operates on the whole through its subsidiary companies in each market.

The EDF group is present in France, Belgium, Italy, China, the United States, Poland, Vietnam and other countries worldwide and earned €65.2 billion in revenues in 2010. EDF currently generates about 7% of the electricity generated in the UK.

 EDF in the UK

EDF now stands as one of the six largest electric utility companies in UK, operating across the entire country through a number of different local offices. Investing in provision of adequate provision of to the customers, the company employs more than 20,000 people at different locations around the UK.

All recruitment is aimed at drawing from local areas in order to aid social and economic growth. 

A clear message of commitment for the 5.7 million customer accounts which Electricite de France SA handles each year.  Not bad going for the new boy on the block which entered our marketplace just 6 years ago, in 2006.

It is very much aligned to the green mission, pledging for every unit of electricity used, they will match it through a sustainable source from wind turbines etc.

They have a very clear community stance making their elderly and disabled tariffs far more attractive than those offered by the competition.  These vulnerable groups also receive priority care during emergencies.

Customer Service

Now a large player in the UK market, EDF's success can be largely attributed to its success in offering cost effective services to its customers. Recently, the company set its focus as global nuclear revival, energy eco-efficiency and gas supply thereby strengthening business potential in Europe.

Customers are happy with EDF’s customer service department, where you do not have to be able to speak French, they are all based in Britain. The company offers a range of payment plans and a diversity of choice for settling bills easily. There are several plans launched by the company to help their customers to reduce their electricity bills.

Further, all the plans offered by the company are easily switchable. EDF provides online account management facilities and incentives for customers to use them. This social responsibility has allowed the company to carve a clear niche for itself in Britain's energy market

Its French electric price is competitive eith British companies' prices, in some cases cheaper.