Earth Defense Force: Insect Armogeden is a third person shooter developed by Vicious Cycle software, published by D3, and realeased on December 15 2011.



You play as EDF strike force lightning and you are tasked with defending the fictional city of New Detroit from a variety of giant alien insects. The story is divided into three separate chapters, which are divided into five separate missions.

Ther are four different classes called Armors to choos from, each with thier own distinct atributes.

Trooper Armor is the standerd loadout for edf soldiers and can use more weapons than any other class making it a good all-around unit. Trooper armor is also the only class avalible in survival mode.

Battle Armor is the "tanking" class of the game with powerfull defensive armor and access to the most powerfull heavy hitting items in the game.  Battle armor also can release its entire pool of energy in a massive electric blast, damaging everything unfortunate enough to be close by.

Jet Armor is a flight capable suit made for air to surface combat and can has the highest movment speed in the game. It also has wide variety of energy based weapons but can't sustain much damage.

Tactical Armor fufills a broad support role and can deploy various machines to assist lightning the strike force from  turrets, mines to radar dishes. As the story progesses, stronger equipment is unlocked.


The game also features local and online multiplayer modes in the form of a co-op version of the single-player campaign and a survival mode where a squad of EDF soldier fight endless hordes of buges. 

The game controls as it has a very simple control scheme and the game stays primarily focused on fast paced arcade style gameplay that encourages players to replay levels to increase thier high score and to unlock new armors and weapons. 


The graphic are average for the most part. Most of the detail will be found on the enemies and player models leaving the enviorment looking a bit bland with occasionaly blurry textures.

While the general gamplay is satisfying, the game is severely lacking in the variety department as all the levels contain the same bland city motif and the gamplay can get repetitive over time.


But despite its flaws The game still delivers an epic sense of scale to every encouter especialy when the bipedal mech come chrashing through the city. 

EDF:Insect armogeden is avalible on PC, Xbox360, and PS3.

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