E.ON is one of the largest investor-owned utility service providers in the world and is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The company provides electricity and gas supplies to more than five million people in the UK. 

Carving itself a niche by providing superior quality services to its customers, Eon electricity is now firming its foundations by pioneering energy supply in the brave new world of green resources. Ever more of their energy is generated by renewable sources of wind and water providing a growing number of environmentally friendly energy solutions to their consumers.

As a company, Eon has every reason to boast about its 21 wind farms, its biomass plant and the first wave power generator in the UK. Refusing to rest on their laurels, plans to add more green electricity generating capacity are under way.

Benefits for Customers

Benefits for Eon electricity customers are impressive. They offer clear, single-sheet bills and easy to understand tariffs. Clearly invested in helping customers to save not just energy but money too, they provide free energy saving hints and advice. 

Eon is committed to making plans simpler and easier to understand. For those who do have reason for complaint, they can pick up the phone and speak to a native English speaker. Eon has a number of dedicated call centres in UK reassuring customers of a far superior customer service experience.

Prepayment customers also gain rewards through their Prepayment Reward Plan. Customers can even exchange their reward points for Tesco Clubcard points through E.ON EnergyPlan .  As they say: “Every little helps”. Who wouldn't be pleased to swap their electricity bill for a romantic meal or day out with the kids?

E.ON’s Top Tariffs

E.ON Fixed 1 Year Plan offers customers peace of mind for a year, protecting them from price increases for 12 months, but of course customers do pay a premium for the privilege. Major savings are however possible using this particular plan which is available as a dual fuel or electricity only product. 

It offers a £10 dual fuel reward as well as £10 online customer rewards. These can be traded in and spent as Tesco Clubcard points worth up to four times their face value. 

Moreover loyalty rewards of up to £20 are available through this plan. Cancellation fees are just £10 (£5 for electricity and £5 for Gas). Prepayment or non-standard meter customers do not unfortunately qualify for this plan.

Up to £20 Loyalty Reward It is with noting this particular plan is not available with every plan offered by the company. 

Depending on how long you have been with us at the point your contract starts, they will pay you a reward. The following reward levels apply: - 1+ year £10 - 2+ years £15 - 3+ years £20 This is an incentive to customers not to switch suppliers, but many sonsumers would save more than this either by switching or by negotiating a price-matching deal over the phone.

The cheapest fixed price plan by the company is the Age UK Fixed 1 Year Plan, especially designed to help the over 60s with their winter heating bills.  Age UK Fixed 1 year plan is available as a ‘dual fuel or electricity only product’.   Offering features of a £10 Dual Fuel Reward, £10 Online Reward, Age UK Welcome Pack, up to £20 Loyalty Rewards and Age UK Winter Payment to customers, it is understandable a big hit with pensioners. 

Calls to the UK call centres are also a Freephone number.  This plan is not available for Prepayment or non-standard meter types. This plan has the opportunity of “money off your bill” as a replacement to the Tesco Clubcard benefits offered by the other plans.  There is no cancellation fee and prices are fixed for 12 months only. 12 Month Plan

Freephone Dedicated UK Call Centres

We have all been frustrated trying to talk to foreigners in off-shore call centres who may have English names but have zero understanding of colloquial and everyday English. E.ON Electricity having a UK call centre is a welcome perk. It being a freephone call centre is just the icing on the cake, meaning you will not be charged for those mindless computers talking to you or for waiting.