As with all large organisations EON comes in for some bad press from time to time.  This is normal, but in the modern age with the internet so readily available, everybody gets to hear about it fairly quickly.  The main complaints with EON tend to be about the standard of customer service. 

E.ON Complaints

From the reviews which appear online it seems that one of the main issues is that the company is reluctant to put right something that is wrong.  If a customer has to call several times in order to resolve an issue then this shows a lack of commitment to good service and will make customers question the company’s attitude.

When people change supplier it is not always straightforward but there are those who expect everything to be done quickly and with no hassle to themselves; it does work out that way for most consumers, but we all hear about the people who have trouble through forum websites and simple Internet searches.

E.ON Reviews

E.ON has a large number of very happy customers who have been with the company for years and there are plenty of good reviews available on the internet.  However, these appear alongside bad reviews from those who have hit a problem and not had it resolved to their satisfaction. 

Incorrect bills are another issue but these can happen no matter which company you are with, they are mostly a consequence of estimated bills.

E.ON’s Response

The world of utilities has become very competitive and EON offers the same range of services that the others do.  In recent months they have simplified their tariffs in order to make it easier for customers to choose the right one for them.  Their website has been upgraded to provide a range of information that can help customers with every aspect of energy consumption. 

This includes advice on how to reduce energy consumption and reduce the bill and information on greener methods of energy production.  

Customers are able to submit queries online but the customer service lines operate outside of normal working hours and it is very rare that customers are held in a queue. 

The company has a sales charter which details the rules by which the customer service operatives need to work in order to maintain good standards of service. 

Customers are able to access their accounts online around the clock which makes it easier to manage the account, submit meter readings and query anything that is not right.  

E.ON’s Market Position

EON can provide both electricity and gas to consumers’ homes and is now responsible for the production of around 10% of the energy used in the UK.  Around 9 million homes in the UK are currently with EON which is quite a high proportion, so they must be doing something right.  

Extras such as offering Tesco Clubcard points to customers are something that consumers are looking for as they expect more from their providers now.  Incentives such as these have been used to attract new customers. 


Anyone who expects that their relationship with their energy provider will always be plain sailing should be aware that this is not the case.  It does not matter who the energy provider is, there is always room for error and from time to time mistakes will occur. 

This is simply a fact of life and it is important to accept that.  EON is no worse or no better than any other company and the reviews that you read are personal opinion so you should not assume that their bad experience will be yours.