If you're looking for a tough new gas can and don't want to waste your time with the cheap, unsafe plastic ones, but don't want to spend a fortune, either, then you should check out the lineup of Eagle 5 gallon metal gas cans. They're strong and well-built, making them safer and more efficient than the cheapo plastic ones (did you know that gas can evaporate and escape from the inferior plastic cans?).

And the 5 gallon size makes them easy to handle. They're not so heavy that you'll need a gym membership just to carry them around, but the 5-gallon capacity is big enough to actually be worth your time (those little 1-gallon ones are so small, why even bother?).

But perhaps the biggest advantage of Eagle 5 gallon metal gas cans is that they're very affordable, especially when compared to the other brands of metal gas cans.

Type I vs Type II Metal Gas Cans

Did you know that there are two different classifications of metal gas cans? Each has their advantages and disadvantages, so let's check them both out - hopefully this will help you find the perfect Eagle 5 gallon metal gas can for your needs.

Type II gas cans are stronger and built tougher than Type I cans, but they also cost more. Let's take a closer look:

Eagle Type I Safety Gas Can

Eagle Type I 5 Gallon Gas CanCredit: Amazon.comThe Eagle Type I 5 gallon metal gas can includes many of the safety and design features found in the more expensive Type II gas can, but cost about half as much. For example, it has a flame arrester screen and lead-free galvanized steel construction. It might not be as bullet proof as its more robust cousin, but for the price it's a very viable option for those who don't need a heavy-duty metal gas can.

It even comes with a plastic funnel for easy pouring, and a spring-loaded cap that prevents accidental spillage. And even though 5 gallons of gasoline isn't light, the can is surprisingly easy to pick up and pour.

Eagle Type II Safety Gas Can

Eagle Type II 5 Gallon Gas CanCredit: Amazon.comThe Eagle Type II metal gas can is made from 24 gauge galvanized steel, and is the only gas can on the market without top or side seams, and the bottom seam is actually a double interlocked no-weld seam. That means there's no welding to come loose, so the likelihood of a leak is almost impossible. It's also entirely lead free.

It also features a 7/8-inch spout with a spring-closing lid with a neoprene gasket, with a built-in 5-psi venting mechanism. And let's not forget the biggest safety check in the industry: Flame arrester screens in the filter and the spout.

Eagle thoroughly tests these for leaks before they ever leave the factory.

The attention to safety is what earned the Eagle Type II metal gas can accolades from OSHA. It goes without saying that meets and exceeds OSHA's standards, and also NFPA Code 30 requirements. It's also FM, ULC and UL listed.

Which Eagle 5 Gallon Metal Gas Can Is Best?

That depends on your needs. If you don't need the super heavy duty features of a Type II gas can, then it's probably not worth paying the extra money for one. The Type I Eagle can is better than any similarly priced metal gas can on the market.

If you're needing the gas can for an industrial or commercial application, I'd highly recommend the Type II. Chances are you'll be putting your gas can through more rough-and-tumble situations than the average home owner ever could. For example, think about a landscaping professional. He'll toss the can off and on his trailer several times per day, and probably stop and fill it up at least once. And that's just a day at the office.

Likewise, if you're buying a gas can for your off road or recreational vehicles, the robust quality of the Type II will stand up to the rigors of off roading better than the cheaper Type I.

On the other hand, an average homeowner who needs a gas for his or her lawn and garden equipment probably won't need the hardcore qualities of the Type II, so it wouldn't make much sense to pay a premium price for something you won't need. The Type I is perfect for folks who need a metal gas can to store gasoline for their lawnmower, weed eater, edger, snow blower or other home-use gas-powered machinery.

Where To Buy Eagle 5 Gallon Metal Gas Cans

There are plenty of places that sell new Eagle metal gas cans of all sizes, including the 5 gallon ones we're talking about.

Hardware & Home Improvement Stores. Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace, Coast to Coast and many other national and local stores will carry a wide assortment of Type I and Type II Eagle 5 Gallon metal gas cans. The prices will usually vary based on your location.

Online. The advantage to buying an Eagle 5 gallon gas can online is that you'll usually pay less than you would at a local retailer, even if it's a national chain. Amazon is my particular favorite, because it has the lowest prices I've found anywhere, and my orders often qualify for free shipping. For example, a Type I Eagle gas can cost as much as $65 at most places, but costs about $42 at Amazon. And Type II cans cost about $65 at Amazon, but upwards of $125 anywhere else. It's up to you where you shop, but for my money I'll stick with Amazon.

Buy Used. Because Eagle 5 gallon metal gas cans are so durable, it's not uncommon to see them on the used market. Garage sales, estate sales and even Ebay are great places to search for used Eagle gas cans of all sizes. Just be careful and do your homework before you buy. Are you sure that the can is still in safe condition? Is it guaranteed not to leak? Finding a great deal doesn't mean much if the gas can doesn't work as well as it did when it was new. Here's a little trick: Fill it up with water and shake it around. The more intense the shaking, the better. Does water leak from anywhere? What happens when you pour it out, does it leak around the funnel or spout? Granted you can't fully simulate the effects of gasoline with water, but it is a good start, and better than buying blind.

Regardless of where you buy one, Eagle 5 gallon metal gas cans are exceptional, and will provide a lifetime of safe fuel storage.