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Single Nest: Rest in comfort with this product because it is made of a thick nylon material that is very comfortable for you to lay in.  This hammock is designed for one person and is so comfortable, you could fall asleep in here. 

Double Nest: The double nest is made for two people.  The breathable nylon is amazing and the attached stuff sack makes it impossible to lose it or your storing back.  This entire hammock weighs an incredible 21 ounces.

Insect Shield:  This amazing reliable company makes an insect shield for over the hammock.  This insect shield is extremely convenient.  It is made with quality and you don’t have to worry about it falling down when you are relaxing inside.  You can lay in it all day or night and not have to be concerned bout insects finding their way inside your hammock while you rest.

Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock (Red/Charcoal)
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(price as of Apr 3, 2014)

Suspension Strap Kit: How many of you have tied your hammock to a tree only to lay in it and fall right on your bottom?  With the suspension strap kit you won’t have to worry about cheap string causing your hammock to fall.  This company makes suspension straps which can support up to 400 pounds.  That is pretty amazing.  The set up is easy as well.  It is all attached be carabiners and the hooks on the straps.  You can literally set the entire thing up in ten seconds if you had to. 

Rain Fly: When is the last time you sat out in your hammock in the rain?  With the rain fly, it is possible.  Not only does this rain fly act to keep the rain off of you while you are relaxing, but it is also a great idea to set up to get out of the sun, or to block yourself from the cold wind.  The material of this rain fly is made of sil nylon with is very light and breathable.

Underquilt: If you plan on backpacking, you may come across some cold nights where you may wish that you had a little more insulation.  The company makes this possible with the underquilt.  Simply attach the underquilt underneath your yourself to protect yourself from the cold wind at night.  This works wonders.  Some people actually use it as a tent while camping.

Topquilt: Bringing a regular sleeping back may be a pain because it slips and slides off of your hammock.  The topquilt zips right up to the underquilt and allows you to stay warm even on a cold winter day.  The material this is made of is duck down so you can be sure that you will stay extra warm.  This company only uses top notch products so they can ensure it is made with quality.

Many owners of Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks actually use these hammocks as their own personal tent.  For those that do overnight canoe trips or backpacking, this makes it very convenient and light to bring their whole hammock tent with them.

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Camping Hammock, Khaki/Olive
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(price as of Apr 3, 2014)