Whether you're a late night gamer, or just want a quality headset that works for pc, and most consoles you’ve probably looked into buying a gaming headsets at some point. There are a lot of choices out there so it can often be hard to choose. One of the best on the market for under $100 is the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12.

For around $60 you can get your hands on a TurtleBeach Earforce X12, this is a midrange headset and nowhere near the most expensive out there but the quality is excellent for the price. In the box you get the headset, a wire to connect the microphone to your controller and all the wires to hook up the audio. The audio wires assume you’re using component cables to connect your console to your TV, as it comes with a 3.5mm to RCA stereo splitter cable which basically means you need two separate cables to carry the audio. If you’re using a HDMI cable to connect your console to your TV then you’ll need to buy a separate adapter, which will cost you about $12.

headsetCredit: turtlebeach.com

Turte Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset

Once you’ve connected the supplied RCA stereo splitter cable then you just have to plug the headset into that and you’re almost up and running. The last thing you need to do is find a spare USB port as it’s powered through USB. Once you’ve done this you should be good to go.

The audio comes from a couple of 50mm speakers and they sound great. Even when surfing through the Xbox 360 dashboard I started to notice sounds that I never knew existed. There is a good amount of control over the audio quality via the in-line controller. With this controller you can mute the mic, change the mic volume, change the headset volume and control the bass boost. The bass is excellent in the X12 and even maxed out there was no distortion. Watching movies and gaming with max bass adds a new level of depth.

Build quality isn't bad, the headset is actually quite small compared to other headsets I’ve used. The microphone can’t be removed but it is on a flexible arm so you can move and twist it to your heart's content. The ear-cups could do with being a bit deeper but it’s a comfortable headset and wearing it for hours on end doesn't cause any major discomfort.

Style wise, it looks okay – it’s not the most eye-catching of headsets but it all depends if you’re bothered by that or not. The earphones form to your head well and create an excellent sound barrier to the outside world.

On top of console use, you can also use the Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset with your PC. The end of the cable has a speaker and microphone jack so it can be easily attached to your computer – once again, you’ll need a USB port to power it.

The microphone quality is good, helped by the fact that it’s adjustable and that you can hear yourself through the earphones. This allows you to alter the volume and position of the mic on the fly to give yourself the best voice quality. Your online buddies shouldn’t have any problems hearing you clearly.

The best thing about the X12 is the sound, which is the most important thing. Sounds are clear, bass is booming and voices are sharp. For $60 you’re unlikely to get better sound quality. You won’t be able to use it on the move with some machines as it always requires a USB connection but any headset this size does. All in all this is an excellent headset for the money and comes very recommended.