The Woes Of Ear Wax Removal With Scalding Candle

Who's Right and Who's Wrong?

“In my right ear hot wax dripped into my ears and burnt it! I recommend that everyone read and listen to the recommendations to not use these.”

The hype over earwax candling is everywhere; it claims to have health benefits a plenty. The mechanism is simply this; the heat from heating the earwax candle creates a vacuum so strong that it basically sucks up all the ear wax out of your ears.

Naturally, in practises like alternate medicine, there are opinions polarized: some people swear by it, others dismiss it as nothing more than hockey pokey to say the least.

Does Earwax Candle Work?

Now, thus far, the scientific community has condemned the practise of such, citing the “possible harms outweighing the benefits” as a strong argument against undergoing such a procedure. Common sense applies here; no one should and would willingly undergo something that is potentially dangerous.

  • Burning of Hair

Playing with flame is naturally going to get you burned.

  • Damage of Ear drums from wax dripping

Some of the scary anecdotes recount how the scalding hot wax actually dripped into the ear and burn the ear drum, causing ear infection and an embarrassing trip to the doctors. Not an exactly pleasant experience.

To add salt to the wound, the researchers in the scientific journal Laryngoscope evaluated the efficiency of ear wax candle. Their conclusion? Ear candles did not produce a vacuum. If we are to take anything from the scientific community, ear candling is thus far quackery.

Alternatives To Ear Wax Candles?

There are plenty of doctors, who is endorsed to practise the very same thing as what earwax candling promises. That namely, being ear wax removal. Get a ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist who would then be able to advise you on what to do.

Going online to look is a great way to start looking for ENT specialist nearby.

Quackery? Ear Wax Candling A Scam?

There will be people who say, “Don’t knock it till you tried it.” Of course, given how far we have come into accepting what was once seen unacceptable, this is only natural. Take chiropractors, they were once considered non-scientific. Or acupuncture, where from China, it originated, only to e met with scorn.

The attitude towards ear wax candle will differ; but one thing remains. If thus far you are still convinced of the undeserved ire from the scientific community towards ear candling, and would like to try it, take note of the necessary precaution.

Make sure whoever is performing the candling uses fire retardant. The last thing you need is to have you screaming in agony as you roll around in flame. And of course, get someone experienced, the ear is a delicate thing. A friend’s recommendation would be nice.