Language development is one of the most important types of development any person will ever encounter. The most important time for this is infancy and early childhood. This is because as infants and toddlers children learn the most as far as cognitive skills and behavioral skills.  Parents are always trying to find ways to help their children talk and communicate and the faster the better. There are ways that a parent can help this type of development occur faster and easier, and there are ways that parents can also hinder the development of a child's language skills. 

     As far as encouragement goes, there are a number of ways that parents, or any mentoring adults can encourage the language development of a child. Children can learn faster then most adults when it comes to language development because their minds are fresh. When babies are born, the first thing most people want to do is that cute little baby talk. What people do not understand is that if parents would talk to their children in such a manner that they wish for their children to talk when they become capable, instead of the baby talk, then this will actually improve and encourage better language development skills. Talking to babies, especially in the infant stage, as if they can understand and hold a conversation will improve these skills because they will fully grasp the way words and sentances are supposed to sound or be spoken right from the beginning. Otherwise, they are being misled as far as the correct way to speak or say words. Also, using hand gestures will also help contribute to the encouragement of language development. This is why so many people are trying to teach their young children and toddlers how to use sign language to communicate. Many people think this will only hurt their child's development when it comes to communication, but in fact it helps because they put words to gestures, and eventually they will communicate sooner if they repeat the gesture WITH the word, not silently. Repetition is also another key element in helping your child develop language skills. This is because if a parent repeats actions with the word, the child is more likely to remember how to speak the word, how the word is used, when it is appropriate to use this word, or sets of words, and how to do it correctly. Talking to your child about everything is also another way to encourage langauge development. Point out objects, explain to your child what everything they see is. Tell them where you are, what you are doing, what kind of day it is, or anything such as these. This helps your child become more aware of their surroundings which helps them understand how to communicate. There are other small simple ways to help your child learn to speak or understand words. These include things such as flashcards, putting labels on everything around the house, spelling out everything they say to help them understand letters and sounds also. 

     There are also certain things that parents may do to acutally hinder the development of their children's language and communication skills. The baby talk as mentioned previously is one way to slow down the understanding of a child's language development. Also, keeping them contained and in the house too much is another way. They are then unable to experience many things that may make them want to ask questions, or prevent them from seeing things that will help them learn other ways of communciation. The prevention of large groups of people is another way to hinder the development. If your child is around larger groups of people they will witness how other people talk, use gestures, and communicate. These ways are just as important to see from other people as well as the parent. Not talking to your child when they are a baby is another way because they are not experiencing any type of communication through words or gestures. If there is no social interaction between parent and child that is one way to prevent any type of development through language. It may also be important to get your child around other children. Even if they cannot communicate through actual words that make sense, babies and toddlers that experience children around their age babbling and making random noises will in fact improve your childs understanding as far as learning to communciate. Preventing your child from having adequate nutrition and a balanced diet will also hinder the development as well. This has to do with certain parts of the brain not getting adequate nutrition to develop properly in the areas needed for communciation. 

     In conclusion, language development is one of the most important types of development any person, especially young children, will ever go through. Giving them the right tools and learning techniques will help them reach their full learning capabilities to be able to communicate and develop the right skills they need to suceed in this area. Helping your child with their language development will also help them become stronger and more efficient adults and they will develop stronger behavioral and cognitive skills as they grow from adolescents to teens to adults.