You are just half way through the 2 week wait as you anxiously anticipate the due date of your new menstrual cycle. This is usually the time we all get very excited about the possibility of actually being pregnant and getting a BFP big fat positive on that HPT home pregnancy test.

So what can you really expect at 8 DPO days past ovulation? I was wondering the same thing myself so I spent some time researching what others have felt at this time when they were in fact pregnant and this is what I discovered.

Sleepiness / Tiredness

Feeling fatigued and drained of energy? This is what a majority of women experience right around this time. This is being caused by the production of progesterone in your body and the increased blood flow to the uterus.

Dull Menstrual-Like Cramps

It's not actually your period, but it sure feels like it is on its way. You get that dull cramp and some pressure in your uterus as many changes are taking place. It could also be implantation cramping you are experiencing at 8 dpo as well. Implantation is when the embryo implants itself into the lining of your uterus to make a nice little home for the next several months before birth.

Much More Gas than Usual

Passing gas a lot? This is also common at about 8 days past ovulation because the pregnancy hormones you are producing is having a profound effect on your digestive system. Which means your bowels are slowing down causing more fermentation in the intestines. This also leads itself to the next most common pregnancy symptom at this stage...

Bloating – Do I Already Look Pregnant?

You may be asking yourself why you already look pregnant. This is due to the bloating that is going on in your lower abdomen. This is caused by the same culprit as the gas, a slowed digestive system.

Ouch! Tender Breasts

You may be feeling quite tender in that area, this is also thanks to those hormones raging within during early pregnancy. The blood flow is increased to this area so they may change in size and shape a bit as well.

If you are not experiencing all of this that does not mean that you are not pregnant. You could have had a late implantation. In fact, most women don't even have their egg implant in the uterus until about 8 – 10 dpo anyway. You won't start producing HCG, the main pregnancy hormone until after implantation so don't stress about it too much yet.