I already had two young children and we went on vacation. We went to an ancient monument and climbed up many, many steps. I couldn't believe how exhausted I felt, it was so unlike me. It was only when, a couple of weeks later, I realized I was pregnant that I looked back to that outing and realized I was short of breath because I was pregnant. My body knew, but I didn't.

From the moment you are pregnant there are signs that you are pregnant, even though you haven't missed a period. When I was pregnant I would fill up with mucus before I knew I was pregnant and think I was going down with a cold.

The following is a list of common early signs that you may be pregnant, although many of them are similar to premenstrual symptoms.

Pregnant Woman (24473)Missed Period

The most obvious sign that you are pregnant is that you have missed a period. Periods can be missed or late without being pregnant, but the missed period is usually the first sign for many women that she is pregnant. All the following symptoms may come before the period is even late.

Strong sense of smell


Suddenly you notice the scent of flowers you've not noticed before, or you can no longer wear your favorite perfume. Maybe chili smells really bad all of a sudden, it could be a sign you are pregnant.



Heartburn is very uncomfortable, but nothing to worry about. Many women experience heartburn for the first time ever during pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimesters.

Sore Breasts


Breasts can be sore and feel heavy during the pre-menstrual stage, but for some women it's often the first sign of pregnancy. Sometimes they can be noticeably larger.

Darkening of the nipples


When you are pregnant your nipples go dark, usually it is a very early symptom.



Bloating, a symptom of early pregnancy, is also common just prior to a period



There can be spotting so that you think your period is coming, but it stays at spotting or stops. That's when you think you may be pregnant.



A lot of people feel their menses are about to start, wait for it expectantly, but it never comes. Some even get their regular cramping.



This is occasionally an early symptom of pregnancy. Most women get sick after about 6-8 weeks, but for some it is the first symptom.

Going to the bathroom more frequently


Right from the start of your pregnancy you can expect to pee more often. There's always something pressing on your bladder.

Cravings (especially carbs)


You will feel tired and carve something to give you a "pick me up", so carbs are frequently craved.


The only certain way to know you are pregnant is with a pregnancy test, but most people know or at least guess they are pregnant even before they know for certain they are pregnant.