Seekyt is a revenue sharing community of writers that earn income from sharing their articles. Writers can join Seekyt and write unique articles to earn income. These articles are posted to this online community for web visitors to enjoy.

Seekyt members must submit original content. This means the content must not be previously published. Unique content submitted under a user account that you create and earnings are realized with Google AdSense. After you submit the content to, you cannot republish the articles elsewhere on the web.

Articles must be at a minimum of 400 words or 2000 characters and written in English. Promotional links are not accepted at Seekyt. However, there is one exception. If you are promoting Amazon products with your article or links these are okay for the Seekyt community. Seekyt lets writers earn terrific monies. Writers can earn 100 percent Google AdSense with Seekyt.

Articles that writers cannot submit to Seekyt also include news releases, sales letters, advertisements or other content identified as self-promoting. Content determined to be not acceptable is removed from the Seekyt website.

Writers that break the rules of the website will receive a warning. Multiple warnings from the editorial staff of the website will result in a writer being banned from Seekyt. Seekyt is not an article directory or a place to get a bunch of back links.

Google AdSense is responsible for the revenue sharing associated with the Seekyt site. Therefore, writers should also follow rules associated with Google AdSense. Google ads are displayed and all content must adhere to Google AdSense rules for eligibility for revenue sharing and earnings.

Back linking to other Seekyt content is encouraged and acceptable. However, back linking to promote your page rank and not to relevant content is discouraged. Seekyt also provides Amazon links for writers articles and would like these used for promoting Amazon products. Writers cannot use their own links for Amazon products. However, this does not devalue your articles. They are still eligible to earn 100 percent Google AdSense earnings along with Amazon product monies.

The first three articles that every new writer submits to Seekyt is manually reviewed to determine articles follow the guidelines established and do not include spam. After approval of your three articles auto publishing privileges are provided.

There are some disadvantages with Seekyt that are identified. The avatar on Seekyt is a random display of avatars which rotate for each user. If you would like a permanent avatar you must sign up with Gravatar and use that one.

One other disadvantage is having your first three articles reviewed by the editorial team for approval. This can slow you down as a writer with submitting content. If you have a number of articles ready to post, you must have the first three articles approved before you can auto publish to the site.

Earnings with Seekyt are realized with Google AdSense and Amazon impressions. Writers will earn 100% of the revenue generated when your ad is clicked with Google AdSense or Amazon.

Referrals are a wonderful way to earn with Seekyt. Seekyt permits referrals to earn 25% of what their referrals earn. The 25% doesn’t take anything away from the referring writer or the referral. Both will still earn their 100% of ad impressions when their Google ad or Amazon ad clicked. Writers earning 100 percent Google AdSense earnings is rare on the web for article writing sites. However, Seekyt’s earnings are an exception to the rule.

Many new writers have questions about joining this writing community that are answered in the journals that are posted. Journals are a sort of Q and A or blog that has other writers asking questions and the answers they have received posted. Some of the content covered includes placing tables inside of articles, AdSense tracking, loading issues that some writers have realized with Seekyt and many other questions and concerns.

There are a number of writers that have joined Seekyt and are earning more with this particular site with fewer articles than writing with Hubpages, Triond, InfoBarrel and several other high quality article sites.

Quality articles with great keywords will get you impressive SEO and unique readers to your articles which earn the highest return for your writing investment. Great content will net great Google earnings and match your readers with Amazon content they wish to buy can also see a nice return for writing with this site. Money in your pocket can certainly be realized working with Seekyt.

Interested in joining Seekyt? If so, please follow me here. Join the Seekyt writing community today and begin earning what your writing is worth. You don’t have to take part in forums, leave comments or do anything other than writing great content with Seekyt. Earning 100 percent of Google AdSense earnings is wonderful with Seekyt.