Some of us may find ourselves in a position where we need to earn extra money to make our once financially manageable lives manageable again. Perhaps you have searched the internet for how to make money online or how to earn money taking surveys, whatever the case may be, you are not alone in your search for ways to earn extra money. With the economy being on the down fall and the cost of living going up many of us find ourselves in situations where we need to earn extra money. Not all of us have the resources to take out another small personal loan, nor do we want to take out a high interest payday loan. Besides taking out a loan only means you are going to have to pay back a loan which is likely to turn into another unwanted monthly payment. Below are a few ideas to help you to earn extra money.

Things You Will Need

Motivation and the desire to earn extra money

Step 1

First sift thru your movie collection and see what you are willing to part with, keep in mind that you are trying to earn extra money, so it is okay to let go of your favorite movie that you have not watched in the last six months. A lot of pawn shops are willing to pay a dollar per DVD. So if you have about 100 DVD's then pack them up and take them to your local pawn shop to earn money. Most pawn shops will not buy scratched DVD's so don't bother to pack them up. Movies are easy to obtain later when you have more money. If you are not in a mad dash to earn extra money immediately then take the time to sell your previously viewed movies online on sites, such as eBay or Craigslist.

Step 2

Take a walk through your home and determine if you have anything else you are willing to part with. Keep an eye for money making items that you no longer need to have in your life. Jewelry is a great item to take into consideration when trying to earn extra money. Jewelry may rarely gets it's worth when you sell it, meaning you are not likely to get the amount your initially paid for the piece of jewelry, but you will earn extra money. Many people are selling their gold for cash through the mail. You will likely get a substantially larger amount of extra money from your local jeweler.

Step 3

Get creative, perhaps you have a talent that you have left grow dormant for several years. You want to earn extra money, so it is time to pull out all of the resources. Many of us have talents that are not exposed daily. Use your talent(s) to make money. Market yourself. A few examples of things that you might be able to do to earn extra money is baby sit, have a bake sell, buy items for cheap, fix them up and resell them online or if you can make art sell it at the local cafe. If you tap into your own resources you may find that you have a lot more money making potential than you imagined.

Step 4

Use your online resources. If you look in the right places you will find that there are tons of ways to earn extra money online. You can write for sites like this one Infobarrel or Xomba You will need Google Adsense to earn extra money on both of these sites. Joining either of these sites or getting Google Adsense is free, so you will not have to worry about this. You can also submit your links to a site called shetoldme, you have to have Adsense to make money on that site as well.

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Tips & Warnings

If you need to make extra money instantly you may want to consider having a garage sale.