Earning Extra Cash to Improve Your Life

Large Inventory of Bees Wax

There are times when we could all use extra cash for life's emergencies, new tires for our car, a nagging medical bill, or new shoes for our kids.  Most of us value our free time and don't want a second job to cope with these little life events.  So let's explore alternative ways to earn extra cash and stay away from a second job.

Let's eBay Stuff!

The first and most flexible suggestion to earn money is to sell stuff on eBay!  The real challenge is what to sell on ebay.  You can start by selling items around the house that you no longer want or need.  Children's clothes  are a perfect starting point.  However clothing is not a big cash generator and you will need to switch gears to get enough money to put tires on your car. 


 Once you get comfortable selling stuff on eBay it is time to go to step two, sourcing items from garage sales.  Garage sales are an excellent source of items to resell on eBay.  You want to focus on items where you can make at least $40 a transaction.  This makes it worth your time to list the item and take it to the post office.   Look for items that are almost new or in the original box.  A smart phone can be a big help in this venture, use it for looking up eBay listings of the garage sale item you want to buy.   This gives you a good idea of what price you can sell the garage sale item for before you buy it.  My recent example is a pool lounge chair.  I bought the chair at a garage sale in the original box for $20.  I sold it on eBay seven days later for $87.  Overall I made $50 after I paid for shipping.  Not bad for fifteen minutes of work.

What To Do When It Is Not Garage Sale Season?

Bees Wax

 Craigslist and Backpage are great sources of items to sell on ebay.  People often list items that they just want to get rid of, and you can capitalize on this mind set.  Keep your eyes out for small items that ship cheaply, unique niche items are a good choice.  I recently bought a fifteen pound chunk of beeswax for $15.  I placed the item on ebay for $80 with free shipping, at the end of that deal I was up $45.  

Craigslist and Backpage items can also be resold on the same site.  Items on the free page are a good place to start.  These items disappear fast but if you hurry, you can pick up free items near your home to relist for a few dollars.  Generally, the items are not high margin, but if they are close to your house it doesn't take much effort.  Pick up the free item, give it a good cleaning or a fresh coat of paint and you are ready to relist the item.  Be sure to take pictures of your item and write an upbeat description.  List the item for less than similar selling items.  A good ad and some paint will turn free garage cabinets into $40.

Goodwill is a great place to find items to resell on ebay.  It is best to focus on a niche, such as designer jeans or collectable nick knacks.  Here a little research on your smart phone can pay off.    Verify the item you are buying are reselling for a reasonable profit.  I recently picked up some Bose speakers for $30 at Goodwill.  They are selling for $260 on ebay.  These were a great resell item with only moderately high shipping. 

The holiday season provides more alternatives to make extra cash.  If you are willing to face the crowds on Black Friday, pick up a few extra items to sell on Craigslist or ebay the next morning.  Not everyone likes facing the madness and they will pay well for your bargains.  You can even recruit family members into making this a big haul for you. 

The last big opportunity as you head into the Christmas season is buying the next "got to have it" toys.  The high demand makes these items increase in value rapidly and If you can't sell them you can return them to the store so there is no risk.

Now you have a few tips to make some cash without a second job, I hope you can take advantage of them.  Best of Luck.