College studenearn money(58331)ts are known for being broke. So not only do you want to look for ways to save money as a college student, but you might also be looking for ways to earn extra money in college. 

25 Ways to Earn Extra Money in College


  1. Get a Part-Time Job
  2. Write for Infobarrel: Write 1 article a day, and by the end of the school year you will have 200 articles earning you extra money. Do this all four years of college, and you will have 800 articles earning you extra money.
  3. Use Swagbucks to earn free Amazon gift cards. Learn some Swagbucks tips to earn them fast.
  4. Sign up for Recyclebank. Use the coupons to get things free.
  5. Have an Iphone? Use Gigwalk to complete gigs and earn money with your Iphone
  6. Do your online shopping through cashback sites. You will get checks mailed to you every quarter.
  7. Also invite your friends to shop at cashback sites and you will earn a percentage of your friends’ savings.
  8. Look on Craigslist for odd jobs: Especially if you have something to offer (ex. computer skills, or a truck you could help move with)
  9. Babysit: Babysitting on weekends can pay well. Offer to babysit for two families’ kids while they go out together to earn even more.
  10. Pet sit: Post fliers in the town around your college campus. Maybe you get two or three jobs a week and that money can add up.
  11. House sit: Get paid to stay in someone else’s house. Easy.
  12. Saving Money is the same as Earning Money- save money on groceries, use printable coupons and e-coupons.
  13. Save Money at Restaurants  by using Daily Deal Sites
  14. Save Money on Textbooks
  15. Sell items that your parents don’t need or you don’t need on Craigslist or Ebay.
  16. Sell books, CDs, DVDs  you don’t need any more on
  17. Tutor: College Upper classman can tutor intro-level courses. Or you can tutor grade school kids in your area.
  18. Invite friends and family to flash sale sites to get the rewards
  19. Coach a sports team
  20. Referee sports: some college’s have club sports you can get paid to ref. Otherwise, look into ref-ing local recreational sports teams.
  21. Elderly care: There is good money in caring for the elderly. Look in the papers to find someone who is hiring. Or maybe someone needs a helper to run a couple of errands for them a week. This could be an easy way to earn extra money.
  22. Mow Lawns:  Mowing lawns is an easy way to earn extra money on the weekends, especially because it won’t interfere with your college schedule. Go door to door and ask the residents to mow their lawn for $20. You would be surprised how many people will say yes.
  23. Shovel Driveways: Look at snow storms as an opportunity. In the winter go door-to-door asking to shovel driveways for $20. Grab a couple of friends, and make $500 doing a whole neighborhood in a day.
  24. Recycle: You could recycle cans in the recycling bins around campus and get the can deposit. Especially if you have a truck, you could do this in bulk.
  25. Participate in paid Psychology studies: Some colleges have an email listserv, or a website where you can sign up. You might be able to schedule studies to take part in during down time while you are on campus.  

I hope these tips help you earn extra money while you are in college!