There are variety of ways to earn money online. The income that you earn from web can be classified into active income and passive income. The term "active income " as the name refers says that you must be active daily inorder to earn income. The term "passive income" denotes the way of earning income without or minimal involvement . You can earn online through the following ways.

1 .PTC SITES (Paid to click sites - Active income).
2. Through affiliate marketing. (passive income)
3. Through your own websites or bloggers. (passive income).


The word "PTC" stands for paid-to-click. These sites pays you for the advertisements, that you have clicked on their sites. You can earn a decent income for every click you have made. If you have lot of friends, then your earnings from these sites can be huge. Because all these sites pays you a percentage of earnings your friends have made, who have registered under you (downline earnings). You have to visit these PTC sites each day ( active income) in order to click the advertisement. The number of advertisement shown depends on the ptc sites you are registered with . For a list of detailed genuine PTC sites please make a google search.


The term affiliate marketing comes under the category of passive income. In affiliate marketing you are going to promote other company's products, and the company pays you a commission for the sale you are responsible with. The concept is that you should register ( or get affiliated) with affiliate sites such as clickbank.com which has many products under different categories ,which you can promote. Just click on the product you wish to promote and you will be presented with a link (which contains your unique affiliate id ). Publish the link on your site or on various forums or blogs, and you will be paid commissions for each sale your visitor makes through this link. For every successful sales of a product and service or a sign up, you will get a commission. This commission can be different among products. An average commission could be $5-$20 or if the product is more exclusive, you can also make $50-$100 per sales.
Affiliate marketing is tougher than any other models because you have to drive targeted traffic to your site. Take a search on google about free affiliate programs on your niche and sign up for them.
If you want to make serious money on internet, then the affiliate marketing is the best option to be associated with.


If you own a website or blog, then you can earn a decent income by placing ads on your page. If a visitor clicks on the ad , then you will be paid. These system works well only if you have huge traffic to your site. Open accounts with contextual advertising companies such as
1. Adbrite,
2. Google Adsense,
3. Bidvertiser and others.
Choose the type of advertisement for your blog. Most advertisers allow a mixture of text and banner ads. Get the appropriate HTML or Javascript code and paste it into a text file. Place advertisements in the appropriate places on your blog's template to begin earning passive residual income. Good locations include under the post title, at the head of the page and near the navigation menu. These kind of earning method comes under the category of PPC (PAY PER CLICK) programs.If you have huge traffic from google or yahoo to your site or blog, then your earnings through this method will be significant.