You have read the stories of people who earn money blogging. They make enough every month to cover all of there bills and more. If you expect to be able to reach this level of income over night then you may as well stop reading now. The people that you read about have been working at this for years. They started out at one point sitting where you are right now. Thinking that they wanted to earn money blogging, but wondering what they should do to get started.

There is no one full proof method to earn money blogging. Every person who earns an income online does it in a slightly different method. With that being said, there are a few things that are true. Most people who earn money blogging depend on the traffic from the search engines to bring in the big bucks. But how do you get this coveted search engine traffic? That is the real struggle.


Earn Money Blogging Setup


The first step to this process is going to be to create a blog. For this article, we will assume you have one setup. You can have your own domain name and hosting to earn money blogging. It is easier to get ranked well in the search engines if you do this from the start. You can find some good deals on these things if you look around. Now once you have your site setup it is time to get done to work.


Work to Earn Money Blogging


There will be a lot of work if you want to be successful at this. Well that is unless you decide to subcontract this stuff out. You can hire ghost writers and virtual assistants to do this work but you will need some upfront capital to get this off the ground. There are bloggers that put in more then 40 hours a week. There are others who work around 20. It all depends on how fast you want to see the big numbers come in. There are no short cuts to success. If there were, more people would leave their jobs to be doing this.


Keywords and SEO


Odds are that you have chosen a niche or topic that you want to write about. It may be something that you are passionate about. It may be something that you think you can earn an income from. Whatever you choose, you are going to need to do some research. The first thing that you will want to do is to make a list of possible keywords that you can use on the site. Write down as many as you can think of. If you are having a hard time coming up with these, it may mean that you will have a hard time writing a lot of posts. At this point if you really want to earn money blogging, you may want to look into another topic that you can come up with ideas easier.

Use your favorite tool online to research the different keywords. There are many free ones as well as some really great paid versions. You will want to see what the estimated bid of the keyword is and how many average searches that are done on it in a month. You can type in the keyword into the search engine to get a look at the first results on the page. These are the spots that you will one day want to take over. It is important to look at the age of the sites that you will be competing with and how many backlinks they have. This will tell you if you can get the top spots.


Choose the Way to Earn Money Blogging


Not everyone chooses the same way to make an income with their site. Many first timers will start off with adsense. This is great and very lucrative if you realize how to get the right traffic to your blog. Other people choose to be affiliates to items that they can promote and sell. You may want to create your own product to sell from the traffic that you are getting. Lessons and other subscription services are also big for ways to earn money blogging. You can choose one of these methods or even work on a combination of them to get your site off the ground.


Backlinks are Key

As it was said before you want to know how many backlinks that your competitors have. This is so that you know if you can build more to your blog. Building backlinks is one of the ways to build authority to your sites. You can use article sites like Info Barrel and Hubpages to write content and point back to your work. The good things with these sites are that the backlinks are dofollow and you can make some cash from them as well. Dofollow outranks a nofollow link when you are building authority in the search engines

There are many other sites like bookmark sites that you can use to build authority to earn money blogging. Shetoldme and Snipsly are two that are commonly used. These sites usually require a brief 50 plus word write up about what you are linking to. You can link to the main page of your blog and to your individual posts. It is important for every site that you use that you read the terms of service. These are the rules that each site as for what you can post. You do not want to get banned from a site because you did not follow the rules.

Another strategy for building backlinks is to write quest posts on other blogs. You will need to create some relationships with fellow bloggers in your topic area. You can do this through posting comments on their blogs and joining different forums where people discuss your topic. You will usually be able to include a link back to your work when you guest blog. This is a very popular way to earn money blogging.