If you love to listen to music, discover new artisits, and share your opinion about what you hear then you should check out a new service called MusicXray.  Music Xray is a place where independent artists go to upload their music and submit it digitally to record labels, producers, festivals, licenising companies, and a miriad of other opportunity makers in the music business.  One aspect of MusicXray for artists is they can submit their song to be reviewed by music fans.  That's where you come in! 

Once you sign up at MusicXray as a listener, you'll have the opportunity to hear songs submitted by independent artists looking for valuable feedback from real music fans.  When an artist submits a song they have the opportunity to ask the listener up to three yes or no questions.  The listener hears the song, answers the quesitons, gives the track a rating on a 5-star scale, and also has an opportunity to type their comments about the tune.  You can also share the music you hear and even become a fan of the band.

The best part of the whole thing is that you earn a small amount of money for each tune you listen to.  You'll start earning 5 cents per song when you first join.  Then there's a badge system that increases the total you'll receive per tune after you've listened to a set number of songs.  For example, after you listen to 10 tracks, your total per song amount will increase to 10 cents.  You can also receive more money by referring your friends.

There is also a referral bonus.  You earn two extra cents just by sharing MusicXray on your Facebook Page!  You'll get more money once 10 people who you referred sign up, plus  you'll receive a small percentage of anything the person you referred makes for their entire MusicXray membership!  That's a lot of potential earnings for you if you know others who enjoy listening to music.

There is a small catch.  You only have a small window of time in which to listen to the song.  If you miss your window, the song will be sent to another person.  Also, the longer you take to listen to the tune after it's available, the less it will pay you.  For example, if you receive a track worth 20 cents to listen to, if you wait too long it may only be worth 12 cents.  In other words, the faster you listen to a song once you receive it, the more money you earn.  Each time you're assigned a tune, you'll receive an email.  It's a lot of fun to play with it and try to earn as much as you can from each track you receive!

Keep in mind, you're not able to submit your feeback and rating for a song until you've listened to the whole song.  Likewise, you will not receive money for listening to the song unless you've heard it all the way through.

I also must warn you that not every song you hear on MusicXray will be the next Lady Gaga.  Some of the songs that come through are from obvious amateurs who lack the production value of the songs you're used to hearing on the radio.  Keep in mind that you're getting paid no matter what!  That thought should help you bear through the rough tunes.

If you like discovering new music, and want to earn a few bucks in the process, MusicXray is a good place to hone your skills as music critic!