Earn money for children all through their childhood and start them off with a nest egg that should give them a full time income for the rest of their lives. Easy no, simple, yes. Here is a simple plan, which costs nothing, to earn money for your children over an eighteen year period that will give them a head start in life.


Thousands of people are earning money for themselves or for their children by writing articles. They submit them to websites that give writers a share in the advertising income. The best of these sites is InfoBarrel.com. They are straight. They give you 75% of the Adsense advertising from your articles and it is very simple to earn a 90% share.


Any one article earns only a few dollars, especially in its first year, but as it matures it earns more and gets better search engine results, so it earns yet more. We can usually find time when we are young, even if finding money is a problem.


We all wish we had taken out life assurance policies when we were 18 years old, so we could have the cash twenty five years later. We did not do so because we had no money at that stage in our lives to save with. Think of the articles you write as payments on a savings policy for each child. There is no guarantee as to how much you will be able to earn for your children, but the value of your article investment can only go up, it can never decrease.


Earn Money for Children Plan


Day 1 - Sign up for Info Barrel

Write one article about anything you like, there is a list on the site of articles they are looking for, but one of the beauties of this site is that you can choose your own titles.


Day -2 Submit your article

Visit the InfoBarrel forum, introduce yourself, read, post and learn. The people on the forum include most of the best Info Barrel writers. They are good because they learn from each other in the forum. They want you to learn and to earn more, too.

Start a free blog at Blogger.com. You need this to open an Google Adsense account. Make three posts to your free blog, then forget about it.


Day 3 - Apply for a Google Adsense account, giving your free Blogger blog as your website. Google will take a few days to get back to you

Write your second article. Read a few other articles on the site to get the feel of the way people write.


Day 4 - Set up accounts at sites you will use to link to your articles; IMAutomator.com, InfoPirate.com,TipDrop.com,TheInfoMine.com all use Do-Follow links, which are generally thought to be better.

Set up an account at Twitter.com, so you can use the auto-tweet feature on InfoBarrel.


Day 5 - Write your third article. Try to incorporate some of the ideas you are learning about key words.


Day 6 - Write your fourth article. It is important to keep writing. When you start you need to write frequently to get into the habit. If you cannot find a wonderful title then just write a wonderful article with a mediocre title.


Day 7 - Time to take stock. You have now written four articles in a few days. The first article should be live on the Info Barrel site by now. Check it out. Feel some pride and look at the ads that surround your article. Never click on them and never ask anyone else to do so; Google will close down your account for fraudulent clicking if you do.


You need to keep up this steady writing pace for the next month while you are learning and improving your articles.


After a month or so you can ease off on the writing slightly. This is an investment of time that you are committing to, to earn money for your children. Your articles will continue to earn money for your children for many years.


Your long-term target to earn money for your children could be to write one or two articles for each child every week.


Ideally you would open a Google Adsense account for every child, but Google will only allow one account per address, so unless you have two addresses it will not be possible.


There are solutions. The best way to make sure your children get the money is to set up a business bank account, such as Johnson Family Enterprises and have Google deposit the money into that account.


Talk to a solicitor about setting up a trust fund for your children, which will be funded by the Google payments into your family business account. It is a simple process and should not cost too much. The one trust fund can be used to provide for all your children. You can sort out all the options with your lawyer.


Week 2 - Continue to write one article a day. By the end of this week you will be Pre-Approved and your articles will go live onto Info Barrel immediately, without having to go to admin first.


Interlink all the articles you have written so far.


Make sure you have at least two links pointing to every article


Continue to log into the forum every day, because that is where you will learn about search engine optimisation, linking and other important ideas that will help your articles to earn more money for your children


Weeks 3 and 4 - Continue as Week 2


Month 2 - You could continue writing one article a day, but if you are finding that difficult, then set yourself a realistic target that you will be able to stick to for the next twenty years. If you can only write two articles a week, that will be 100 a year and 2000 articles earning money for your children in 20 years time.


Ways to Earn More


If both parents write articles then there will be twice as many articles earning money. For your children, this means that there will be a bigger trust fund income.

Most people would welcome a way to earn money for their grandchildren. Just give the grandparents your Adsense account number to use in their Info Barrel account. Many older people would absolutely love to write articles, but do not know about the opportunities on the Internet. Older people have masses of valuable information and knowledge that is of interest to younger people.


Set up blogs in each area that you write about. Put Adsense on each blog. Make posts to your blogs once a week and link to them from your InfoBarrel signatures. The blogs should add a considerable slice to what you are earning for your children's futures over twenty years.