Who couldn't use some extra income these days to pay bills or simply stash away in the bank. Well here today I want to share with everybody a way to earn money from home with WebAnswers. This is no get rich program but instead a legit and honest way to make money from home simply by asking and answering questions in a friendly community.

So for starters let me just tell you up front what the website is all about before you sign up and begin the process. WebAnswers is a website much like Yahoo Answers where people can go and ask or answer questions with other users. The difference here though is that you get passive income for doing so on this website. Anybody looking to make a living from working online from home needs to at least check this opportunity out in my opinion.

Alright so now that you know the basic concept how does one go out and earn money from home with WebAnswers? Well I'm sure some of you at home have already tried writing for other sites and are aware that you can either get paid per views or by ad-revenue sharing mainly with Google Adsense. Well WebAnswers uses ad-revenue sharing through Google Adsense just like Info Barrel and Bukisa.

I would like to add though that there are some interesting factors that help you in the quest to earn money from home with WebAnswers. You get random impressions just for your participation on the site whether it be from answering or asking questions. The more active you remain the more opportunity to make a decent passive income. The big payoff is from getting your answers awarded the best answer because then you get a percentage of the income from that page.

They have a formula that they use at WebAnswers and it makes sure that people are giving quality answers and not copying from other sites. When you just provide a bunch of short one-sentence answers then earnings will see a decline but then the opposite can be expected as well. If you are out there providing reasonable thought out answers then the passive income will gradually increase with time.

When I first started I was making several hundred a month from the site by putting in a couple hours each night. Then I got wrapped up in my full-time job and had to be away for awhile and the income slowly started to drop off over time. I'm back now and getting my income back into some higher levels. There are users on the site that are known to make $700-800 a month just from this one website. If anybody at home is interesting in giving this a try then please feel free to check out the address below and sign-up to earn money from home with WebAnswers.