There are lots of ways to make money on the internet so it is overwhelming if you're not sure what to do first. Picking something that you like to do will increase your chances of being successful. I list out the easiest ways to get started making money online in this guide.

Writing Articles

Writing 500-1200 word articles are how many internet marketers get started. It's the lowest risk in earning money on the internet. There are two strategies and mindsets when it comes to writing online:

Upfront Cash vs. Slow Growth

Upfront cash means that you sell your writing services directly. Look up 'article writers' to see what the current rates are for qualified writers. Usually a 500 word article can get you about $5. This is great in the short-term if you can write well and fast but is not what I do.

Slow growth strategy is writing articles for sites that share advertisement revenue with you while you maintain rights to the content you wrote. In my opinion, Infobarrel is the best place to write online since it is still on its way up. Other article sites are fading now but the writer community at Infobarrel is stronger than ever.

Expected Payout: Upfront Cash = 500 words for $5. Slow Growth = Some articles making lots of money and some not making any at all. Better for the long-term.

Creating A Micro Site

Another popular method for making money online is to make a micro or "microniche" site. These websites have 5-10 pages of information and are just trying to get people to click on advertisements. There are lots of different methods but most focus on writing pages that get ranked highly in google for keywords.

A site to check out about building micro sites would be the Adsense Flippers. I do not personally do this yet and I would not recommend it to anyone who is unfamiliar with making their own website.

Expected Payout: A couple of dollars depending on the month. Might be able to sell site for over $100 sometimes.

Creating An Authority Site

This is the hardest method that I included in this article. It takes a lot of time, effort, and willingness to fail to succeed. Basically you create a broad site about a topic you could talk about or write about all day long. Then you write lots of content about different parts of the topic and slowly start building the site's traffic. Over time you can make money from advertisements or even making your own product (like an ebook).

Expected Payout: Not predictable. Some sites fail and others can make hundreds each month.

Using is another great place to get started making money online. The concept of the site is that you pay someone $5 and they perform a small task or service for you. This is also one way to sell you article writing services. It's a zero risk investment since you only have to work on something once you get paid $4 ($1 goes to the guys who run the site).

Expected Payout: $5 each time you do the task.

Making YouTube Videos

Online videos are also growing. More and more people are spending their time on YouTube and not in front of the television. This method of making money online can take a long time but is rewarding. To make money on YouTube you have to get accepted into the Producer's program where you get a portion of the advertising money made off your video.

If your content is unique and original you should be able to start gaining subscribers. I'm not exactly sure about the requirements now, but in the past most users need 1000-2000 subscribers before they can become producers and start getting paid.

Payout: Uncertain.

The Mindset You NEED

There are a lot of websites on the internet dedicated to getting into the right mindset but all you need to read have success is this next sentence. Work hard, don't make excuses, and don't expect anything. That is the only online strategy that you will need to make money online. Now pick your method and get building!