The importance of article marketing in today's online businesses

The relationship between article marketing and your online business

Article marketing is one of the most successful method of earning extra money online. When people read high quality and informative articles, they get interested and look for some additional information that the articles contain. The article marketer must learn to recognize and leverage on the article readers hunger for new knowledge. Internet users surf the Internet looking for information, thus, it must be the article marketers aim of feeding this hunger and point the reader to the products or services that might meet the article readers' need. This process makes article marketing alive.

Article marketing is a long process which needs dedication and patience. It might take a person 2 weeks or more of writing articles to see a positive results in earnings. So how do we earn money online with article marketing? There are many things to do with articles in order for these to earn money, and one of these methods is what I often call "brute force" article writing.

What I mean by "brute force" writing is extensive article writing. If you can write 10-20 articles per day promoting a product or service, then you can widen your customer base as more articles written mean that more readers read your articles. If you can write 10-15 articles a day, and doing this continuously for about a month, then your written articles will total 300 articles per month talking about the product or services that you are promoting. The next logical thing to do is to submit these articles to article directories to reach more and more readers.

Of course you need to find specific keywords relating to the product or services that you are promoting so as to rank your articles higher in search engines. Once your articles get indexed in search engines, these articles will become automated money-making articles. You just have to leave these articles to be read by your article readers, then the links within your articles will direct the readers to the specifics of the products that you are promoting. These articles will do the job for you in earning money online. All you have to do thereafter is to watch your bank account grow in money deposits.