As a person who has been earning money online since 2000, I am always open to new opportunities to create new cashflow. As necessity is the mother of invention, an opportunity presented itself to me and I experimented to see if it was a viable means of making money at home.

The Opportunity

Last spring, I read in one of my Girl Scout leader message boards that a southern Council shop was liquidating the Brownie Try Its and Junior level and above badges from the old Girl Scout program.  I shared this information on my blog, because I, like many veteran leaders, loved the program we grew up with and hated to see it go.  By purchasing these badges at such a reduced price, they could still earn them without losing money if a girl or two left the troop the next year, as these badges were only a quarter a piece.

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In the early winter, more Council shops were selling the badges for this price to make room for the new ones.  Needing money for the many expenses my family of five incurs, a light bulb went off.  Why don’t I try to sell these badges and make some extra money?  I have personally bought my daughter and my troop badges on eBay when the shop was short or it was discontinued…and I paid more than twenty-five cents for it!

I spent about $100 investing in the badges that I had researched and then went to sell them on eBay. Because these items were small, no trip to the post office was needed, and because I had multiples, once one sold, I could relist it right away.

The results were mixed.

I was able to snag some hard to find Girl Scout badges, and those went quickly. The others did not move, even after relisting them and reducing the price.

I was undeterred…these were leaving my house and I was going to find a way to do it.

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A Search Leads to an Answer

One opportunity leads to several more

Say what you will about Google (and I can join you in the conversation), a search for selling these discontinued items led me to a forum post, which led me to a private Facebook group that sold these badges. 

I read through the rules of the group and then I asked to join.

I posted photos and within hours, I had made sales! I had made the price still profitable and no fees were eating my bottom line. Using Paypal or money orders, leaders paid me for these hard to find items.  I could easily slip these into an envelope and mail them the next day.  Of course, there were some people who said they wanted them and then did not pay, but it was easy just to post that they were once again available.

Joining More Groups

My older daughter is the typical poor college student.  Her holiday gift this year was a plane ticket to visit friends for Spring Break.  Spending money, however, was on her.

Determined and knowing she was on her own for cash, she cleaned her room and found treasures that she had forgotten she owned.  We had sold most of her toys and dolls years earlier to finance other trips she wanted to go on, and she thought she had nothing left of value.

While many of her things sold, there were things that did not.  These are small items not worth the hassle of relisting, so I decided to investigate other private Facebook groups where I can sell them.  I joined several, and my mission is to get rid of the rest of these things for her to help pay for other upcoming expenses that she has. 

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The bonus is that I am learning a lot by reading the posts of others, and may now go back to the world of going to yard sales and buying treasures to sell online, but not on eBay. Privately is the way to go, as you can set a price and postage and only accept payments that are verified.  No fees are attached to any of this, and you can also sell these on multiple groups at the same time.

Earning money online without eBay is a new way to put cash in your pocket.