GhostBloggersCredit: is yet another site where writers can try to earn a few bucks online. Although GhostBloggers is not a source of passive income, so far, in my experience, the site pays really well for the time involved

I put up one article on the site and made $16.52 from that one article alone. That’s not bad, not bad at all if you ask me.

How Ghostbloggers works

GhostBloggers, as the name implies, is a site that provides a marketplace for writers to ghostwrite and blogs and websites a place to buy articles to use as their own.

Once you put your article up on the site and it sells it’s no longer yours, the sole rights of the article are then owned by the purchaser of the article. There’s no passive income with GhostBloggers from Adsense or anything similar. As I mentioned above what they do offer is a great rate to writers. The base pay rate is $3.50 per 100 words, and you can specify a desired rate if you’d like a different pay rate.

After putting up my first article and waiting for a month for my article to sell I gave up on the site. I eventually checked back in out of curiosity to find $16.52 waiting for me.

For the article I submitted I only spent about forty to forty-five minutes writing and editing the article. My article was just under 500 words long, and that got me $16.52. That’s like getting $16 upfront for this very article. That works out to about $22 per hour, not too shabby. No article promotion, bookmarking, or image insertion required. You only need to know basic keyword usage.

Keep in mind that the writing guidelines are fairly strict and writers cannot write in the first person for their articles. Duplicate content is strictly forbidden, and your articles can only be sold to one buyer.[3732]

Without the potential for passive income some writers might be deterred. For those uninterested with promoting and managing their own articles online, or those who want to make a few bucks quickly spending money Ghostbloggers is perfect.

My experience so far with the site has been great. I have only written the one article so far, but on the back of this success I plan to write more. The minimum payout on GhostBloggers is $25, I have yet to reach that so I have no info on how timely their payouts are. I have no doubt I will be able to hit that $25 mark shortly. I will report back here when I do.

In the meantime I’d recommend anyone interested give Ghostbloggers a try for yourself. Please let me know of any other sites you’d recommend or about your experience with GhostBloggers in the comments below.