Back last year I began a rather daunting task of finding free to join survey sites. I had heard that you could earn money taking online surveys and I wanted to participate. I found to my horror that the whole market was awash with scams and people trying to take my money from me. I persevered and eventually found quite a number of free to join survey sites that paid me for completing surveys that they sent to me via email.

This year I have moved away from taking as many surveys and moved more in the direction of writing for money, like here on Infobarrel. I still complete a number of surveys each day to supplement my income but not as many as I used to. Please follow the information here to avoid becoming prey to thescammers who are trying to dominate this otherwise genuine and very profitable area.

Here is how to avoid the scammers and to succeed in taking online surveys for money:

  • Never pay to join a survey site or for a list. You make money survey taking by joining legitimate survey sites and for free, and get paid after completing the surveys they send you.
  • Be realistic in your expectations. Do you really think that a survey site will continually keep paying you hundreds of dollars for a questionnaire that you complete? It will happen on occasion but the majority are short surveys that take a few minutes and pay a few dollars.
  • Look for free lists of the best paying survey sites. There are a number of them available and it will save you days of time searching.
  • Register with every survey site that you find. The more that you join then the more surveys you will receive and the more that you will earn. I cannot stress this fact enough. You need lots of surveys every day to make good money.

Always fill out the user profile when you register with a company. The more information that they have about you then the more likely you are to receive surveys that relate to you and your lifestyle. This will drastically improve how you earn money taking online surveys. Use a good list of free survey sites that is reliable and guaranteed to be totally free, and sign up for all the sites available.

If you follow these simple guidelines then you will maximise your potential earnings and will be well on your way to being able to earn money taking online surveys.