You can earn money via the Internet, but it is going to take time. You can earn honest money on the Internet by hard work. In two years you can have a part-time income. In five years time you can give up the day job.


Forget guru lies and scams. They may earn money via the Internet, but you are never going to do the same, even if you buy into their e-books, courses and seminars, because they only ever give you half the picture.


Guru X comes out with a new Magic Money Making Button Program next week. Who will buy it? The same mugs who bought his previous magic money making programs. Their logic is, "I must have done something wrong, I'll try this program to make money via the Internet, and this time it will work out". It will never work out.


To earn money on the Internet is possible but it takes time and hard work, and you never have to buy a single program or e-book to help you. It's all free, except for website hosting and domain names.


The Internet is free because it is powered by advertisements. If you download a free e-book you will find links in it that will earn money for the author if you buy those products or services. Websites cost their owners money, they are free because of the ads on them.


You need five strands to earn money successfully via the Internet.


  1. You need articles
  2. You need websites
  3. You need your own online products
  4. You need affiliate products
  5. You need an off-line product


1. Why Do You Need Articles to Earn Money Via the Internet?


There are four ways to earn money via articles online.

  • Upfront payment – You are paid $15, but that's it, no further payment, ever.
  • Pay per view – The payment is tiny. Forget this as a way to earn money online
  • Payment in links – you get links in your article but no money, can be useful at times
  • Payment as a share of advertising revenue your article generates – This is where you need to spend 90% of your writing time


Upfront Payment – Join There might be a time when you need an instant income. Don't waste time writing for them otherwise though. They pay you $15 and then they sell your article for $50 to someone who earns $200 from it. It is better to try to earn the $200 yourself


Pay per view – This is only an option for people who cannot write in good English, but who write about popular topics, like TV shows or celebrities. Don't waste your precious time on these sites if you can write an interesting article. These sites include Bukisa and Wikinut


Payment in links – There are two large sites where authors pay to post their articles. The articles are then downloaded by wesbite owners, supposedly with your links left in. These sites are and Forget about them. Many websites delete your links or make them no-follow. There are other ways to get links, covered later


Payment as a share of advertising revenue your article generates – This is a very fair way of rewarding writers. There are scores of sites you can submit articles to and earn a share of the Adsense revenue.

Choosing a Adsense Revenue Share Site


Look for a site where:

  • The management are open and respond to emails
  • Writers are happy
  • Writers are valued for their efforts
  • There is an open forum where newcomers are made welcome and advice and ideas are shared freely
  • You can put links in the body of your article
  • You can have more than one signature
  • The site is growing
  • There is an open and easily understood system of payment
  • There are competitions that are won by real people


The only site that fulfils all of these criteria is This site offers an Adsense share far above the industry norm (50%); Info Barrel offers all writers a 75% share and all writers can earn a 90% share by fulfilling certain, easily attained, writing targets each month.


You need to submit at least two articles a day to InfoBarrel if you are serious about your attempts to earn money via the Internet.


2. You Need Websites


Your Info Barrel article signatures need to point somewhere if you want to earn money from them.


Set up a Wordpress website for each subject area you write in. These are best set up on your own domains and with hosting that you pay for. They will pay for themselves in the first year and make a profit for you after that.


Be sure to post to every website at least once a week, and preferably every few days.



3. You Need Your Own Online Product


It is a simple matter to write an e-book that you can link to from your profile, either as a free download or as a paid for product.


You can sell your e-book on Clickbank, where other website owners will market your e-book, increasing your earnings via the Internet yet further


4. You Need Affiliate Products


You will have Adsense on your own websites, but affiliate products allow you to earn large amounts with each sale. You can link to these affiliate products from within the body of your Info Barrel articles and from your signatures.


Start by joining your own web hosting company's affiliate program. You can earn $60 – $120 per referral for web hosting.


Find affiliate products you can genuinely recommend to your website users, because you will have spent years building up a loyal readership who trust you. That trust will disappear overnight if you start selling them scam or low value products.


5. You Need an Off-line Product


There are many ways you can use what you have learned in your efforts to earn via the Internet in the real world.


Other people want to want to earn honest money online; you can help them. You can run courses in different aspects of what you have learned. If you have twenty people on a one day course and charge them $100 each you will clear $1500 on the one day's work after expenses.


You can offer to write a column for a local paper. The publicity alone will make it worth your while.


You can offer to build websites for local businesses or to optimise their current sites.


The list of off-line possibilities is endless. You can think about this after a year, when you have got your online earnings via the Internet established.