If you love to write then there are a few things you will need to know if you want to earn money from your writing. The first thing is you have to be patient if you want to earn money writing online with all those great articles you intend to write.

Even the experts took time to learn the do and don'ts of earning money online. Writing an article of any description does not automatically mean you will earn money from it. .

People are always searching for information on the internet so you need to write articles that will give them what they are looking for. If you cannot supply this they will go some where that they can.

There are some topics that perform better than others; some of these are:


  • How to Articles
  • Finance and debt control
  • Do it yourself
  • Crafts
  • Business
  • Travel

Even some of these will not earn you anything if not written well.

Articles do not automatically earn money as soon as they are published no matter how good you are. It takes time, effort and hard work. So if you think you are going to earn millions of dollars quick, then think again.

Although, you can earn a lot of money and many are, but it will not happen overnight. Once you have written many articles you can and will earn a passive income while you are asleep as your articles can continue to earn you money every day and through the night if people read your articles and click on the ads.


These are a very important part of earning money. You will need to do some good research on finding the best keywords to use. Make sure you put these keywords into the title of your article, and a least use the title once or twice throughout your articles.


When you are looking for something try to use these words that you would use as your tags. The number of tags allowed will vary from site to site.

Profile Page

Make use of your profile page to introduce and promote your self to other writers. If you have a Blog or Web page then add links to these on your profile page. You need to encourage visitors to read your articles. Make it easy to find them.

Promote your Articles URL's to Community Networks

This is a very, very important part of attracting people to read your articles. To earn money you need to have people reading and clicking on the ads or you will not earn anything. If there are no visitors it means no money in your pocket.

Here is a list of some sites to promote your articles on.

With all these sites you will need to register before writing or linking to them. Remember to keep your passwords and user names in a safe place as you will forget if you write for several different sites. It is also a good idea to keep records of where you have back linked what article to in a spreadsheet.

Snipsly - pronounced (snip slee) is a relatively new (dofollow) site; they state that it is a web site which turns your writing into cash. They require you to write a short description of your article – although a longer article may earn you more with the chance of using extra keywords. Then add your URL or link back to your article.

If you have a Google Adsense account you can add it here and earn on an 80/20% basis. You will need to join snipsly before you can start writing there

Xomba – this site requires you to register then you are welcome to add either new articles or click on bookmark which is where you write a short description of your article that you wrote on another site, and then add a link back to your other written articles.

You can enter your Google Id so that you can earn more money through Adsense. If you would like to register with Xomba you can use my referral link if you like.

Page360 – This is asocial network site where you can share your videos, scoops and blogs. When you register and create your account you can submit articles and start earning money. You will keep 100% ad revenue.

You will need to ad your Adsense ID into the required section. This is a great site to use for writing articles and for adding your links for bookmarks.

Seekyt- ASocial Book marking site and you can write articles, and get paid to do it.

You can write your own articles and vote on other articles that interest you can earn 50% revenue. Then make friends with other writers like your self sharing similar interests.

RedGage- This site allows you to earn money from uploading all your great photos, back links, new articles and videos. You earn money from people commenting on them and there are also instant prizes, plus featured articles earn extra money. This money is paid with a visa card. I won the daily $25 prize in the first week. So you never know your luck.

Info barrel – This is a great friendly place to write articles. You can write articles with similar topics and interlink them all together which encourages people to read your other articles on the same subject.

Info barrel offers a high paying percentage over 75% and you can also earn up to 90% through writing and entering contests. The administration and many of the writers are always there willing to help you when you need it. After joining go to the forum and introduce your self then ask for help on any topic. Someone is bound to give you the right information.

The contests and achievement points are to encourage you to write and share more interesting articles. This gives you a challenge and a reason to write and earn more money.

Remember to read other members articles and comment on them, they may return the favour which will help increase the views and page impressions to your articles

If you would like to join with my referral then you are welcome. Hope to see you writing here soon.

Never pay to join a writing site, there are too many free ones available like the ones mentioned above, without needing to pay into someone else's superannuation fund to help make them rich.

There are many other sites you can join like hub pages to write interesting articles and earn money. Plus there are many more book marking sites like infopirate, goarticles, tipdrop and Shetoldme.

So now you have the information all you need to do is join these sites and start writing and Earn Money from Writing Online. Then you need to Promote your Article URL's to Community Networks.

Maybe  article writing does not interest you although you still want to write but not sure in what writing field would best suit your style of writing you wish to write then this may help you to decide whether you want to write poetry or something entirely different.