As article content or writing sites go InfoBarrel is not a bad way to earn passive income. Articles are submitted and you earn passive income from several sources. You earn with Google AdSense sharing your earnings or revenue with InfoBarrel 75/25. You get 75% of the earnings from AdSense ads and the site will keep 25%. You can place Chitika ads, Amazon capsules and referrals of other authors to the site. Each month the site will typically host contest where addition money or gift certificates are provided to promising authors.

InfoBarrel is similar to HubPages, but newer. Many authors have been very successful with publishing their article with InfoBarrel and earning a nice passive income. Google has started to “clean house” when it comes to content or articles that are less than stellar. In the past many writers would create content stuffed full of keywords and would write to rank high in search engines regardless of whether they were producing quality work. Unfortunately, many of these authors were rewarded with receiving the higher search engine ranking as well as more page-views and clicks than they deserved.

Google reconfigured their algorithm and bots and now will present quality information in search engine results and ineffective and subpar article content has been removed from many article content sites so they aren’t penalized for representing this type of material. Changes to their algorithm should result in less garbage on these sites and more quality and relevant material. If you have always produced higher quality information you should see higher rankings as well as more page views as a member of InfoBarrel.

Writers will question the wisdom of submitting an article to InfoBarrel versus writing for their own site or blog. Why should they share their AdSense revenue when they could have 100% if they publish on their own site or blog? Sites such as Infobarrel are authority content sites that have a large audience and rank high in search engine results. Therefore, the amount of traffic received is very large compared with your own site or blog. An article published with InfoBarrel may present you with 150 reads compared with 10 reads on your own site. Ask yourself would you prefer 75% of what 150 readers could potentially earn you versus 100% of what 10 readers could provide to you.

Will I receive a payment from InfoBarrel?

  • Your earnings are paid to you from AdSense or EBay affiliate programs.
  • You will also earn from your referrals. Many people are confused by referrals and assume you are paid from the writer’s share of earnings. Your payment is from Infobarrel's share of earnings. This is a huge misconception for a lot of people about referrals for sites

InfoBarrel compared to other sites

  • InfoBarrel pays a higher percentage rate of earnings from AdSense programs to their writers than many other similar sites
  • Links are do follow for the site
  • InfoBarrel has detailed guidelines for writers that are very similar to EzineArticles which means they have exceptional quality standards. Human review of your first 10 articles are performed
  • Unfortunately you don’t have Google Analytics built-in
  • You can input a detailed signature which is similar to author bio page. You can add links to blog or sites you own. Create as many customer signatures as you would like to use with different articles

InfoBarrel is a great source of income if you are able to submit a lot of articles with the right keywords to attract traffic and get clicks on your Google ads and start earning or increasing your passive income as soon as possible.