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Making money online nowadays is one of the top searches in search engines. People are looking for ways to make money in their free time so that they can have additional income. Earning few bucks on your free time doing a simple job is not a bad idea. You don’t have to stay online for a long period of time and there are no hours or time limit on when to do it. I have found this kind of jobs when I was searching for ways to make money online. I never knew that you can earn money by answering a simple question. Some of the answers can be found by searching on the net and some of the questions can be answered with your own opinion and skills. Here are some of the question and answer site that I have searched.

1. Weegy

Weegy is a non-profit private foundation funded by Purple Ink. Weegy is a question and answer site. Joining is free and asking questions in Weegy is also free.

You can earn in Weegy by answering a question. Payment is made through Paypal. Before Weegy pays $.20 per answered question but now it is already based on your answers. You must answer questions correctly and carefully. Expert’s answers are being reviewed by Weegy moderators. If your answer is not good or you are just spamming, your answer will be flag as inappropriate and may negatively affect your pay rate and account standing. They can also close your account if you have been flagged for 3 times. All countries are accepted to become an Expert in Weegy.

What I like about Weegy is that, you can just stay online and check whatever you want or do what you wanted to do in other sites. You don’t have to wait for a question, just turn your volume on and you will hear a ding when there is someone asking for help or when a question pops up. You can accept the question if you know that you can answer it correctly. They pay every first week of the month when you reached their minimum payout which is $20. You can also earn in Weegy by referring someone and also there are monthly competitions like the top 3 Expert who garnered the most points will be rewarded cash prize.

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2. Chacha

Chacha is located at Carmel Indiana, United States and was founded on December 2005. ChaCha is another question and answer site that gives free answers through online and through mobile phones. Before becoming a Guide in Chacha, that’s what they call their contractors, you must pass a test. Guides are paid per query. There are four types of Guides and the Payment depends on the type of Guides you are. The Generalist/Specialist earns more than other types of Guides. They also have Chacha Affiliate program where you can earn money while promoting Chacha answers to your site or to Twitter. Payment is through Paypal and check with a minimum of $25.
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3. KGB

KGB or the Knowledge Generation Bureau was founded in 1992. Unlike Weegy and Chacha, asking a question in KGB is not free of charge. You will be charge $.99 per question you ask. Only residents of United States with ages 18 years above are allowed to be a member. Before you become an Agent of KGB, you will have to pass a challenge. If you fail to pass the challenge, you can retake it again as often as you want. If you pass the test, you will wait for an email from them informing you when you can start.

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4. HelpOwl

HelpOwl is another question and answer site but instead of paying cash they are giving points and these points can be converted in Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart gift cards and iCard Gift Cards. You can also promote your site there.
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5. WebAnswers

WebAnswers is a free question and answer site. Yes, you can ask for free and you can get your answer quickly.

What to do? 

First thing you would do is to create a WebAn account. Joining Webanswers is free. So if you are lazy to search for something you want to know, you can ask WebAnswers  and let the members’ answers it.

Who Can Join? 

Not all countries are accepted in WebAnswers. Users who reside in the following countries are not permitted to create a WebAnswers account: Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam

How Can You Earn in Webanswers?

You’ll receive an invitation to open a Google AdSense account once you have answered 50 questions in Webanswers. Google AdSense allows you to earn money on advertisements displayed on WebAnswers so you will have the opportunity to earn lots of money. To earn more, your answer must be chosen as Best Answer. You can also earn in your answered questions even if they are not chosen as the Best Answer. You must provide quality answers to earn more in the future. Remember that junk answers and spamming will count against you. You will earn 10% of impressions on all you referred user’s activity, no limit on that and you will earn 20% impressions on all direct traffic to WebAnswers using your unique tracking token.

I always wanted to be a member of Webanswers . Sad to say, my country is included on the list of countries that are not permitted to create a WebAnswers Account. I do not know what is the reason behind it but I hope that someday, they will be able to accept members on all countries. 

Tutorial Video

How to make money in WebAnswers


I have already discussed some of the sites where you can earn money by answering simple questions. Nowadays making money online is easy and convenient. You just have to be patient and hardworking. What is good about these sites is that you can do it at your home and at your most convenient time. You will not be pressured. So if you are looking for small jobs you must try these sites.