I have tried doing some transcription work when I was first introduced in making money online. I didn’t know that doing some transcription work is really hard, especially to a newcomer like me.  You must have a good typing speed, a headset and in time you will need some accessories to become a professional transcriber.

But for the few people who do not have any experience and wanted to try this kind of work, I have collected some sites that you might be interested in trying to start your first transcription job. Let me remind you again, transcription work is not very easy, especially if your typing speed is not good and if you are not a good listener. All sites listed below are sites that accept international members.  There are many available sites for beginners that accept U.S. members only, but I did not include them on these lists.   



The first step in applying on this site is to download their test instructions.  The second step is to complete the test.  You have to follow the instructions and have to score at least 85%. You will need to submit your transcription to the forms they provided on the site.  You will have to wait for 8 weeks to resubmit your application if you do not receive any response from them.  They usually reviewed work from 6-8 weeks. When your income for a month reaches $100, you can withdraw that amount to your PayPal account. Payment is .23 cents per minute of audio.     

Casting Words

Casting Words posts their work in their Casting Words Workshop and in Mechanical Turk.  If you have already an account with Casting Words Workers in Mechanical Turk, you do not have to create an account with them. If you do not have an account, creating an account with them is easy. When you have already created an account, log in on the site and view available work. Choose the jobs you wanted to transcribe and accept the job. You can work online or off line.  When you’re done, submit your work. Someone from the site will review your work. You will get access to higher paying work when your badge score goes up with the good work you provided. You will be paid through PayPal.


TranscribeMe pays its members $20 per audio hour.  The payment method is PayPal. You do not need any equipment to work on the site. You only need Google chrome as your browser and a good internet connection to start working with them. You can work as much or as little as you want. You will transcribe very short audio files and not long interviews.

To create an account you will have to put your name, E-mail, country, time zone, gender, employment, transcription experience and transcription languages.

Even though they do not require any experience when you want to work on their site, you must have a strong command of the English language. You will need to be able to recognize English accents and you must have a good typing speed.


The rate in Scribie is $10 per audio hour. The files to be transcribed are short files around 6 minutes or less. You have 2 hours turnaround time for each file. You have the chance to be promoted as a Reviewer if your performance is good. You also have a $10 monthly bonus for every 3 hours completed work with them. You do not have to commit to them and you have no obligations with them. You can also delete your account anytime you want. There are no withdrawal limits.  

In order to work with them, you have to submit your application and you have to take a test to become a certified transcriber.  The good thing about this site is that you will be the one to choose your own file. You can check the quality of the file and if you think that you can transcribe the file, work on it and submit it after you finish it.

The requirements needed to be able to work on this site are fast typing speed, a good comprehension of the English language, a desktop or a laptop with good internet connection, good quality of the headset and your account in PayPal should be verified.  Verified means your bank account or credit card is already linked with PayPal because your payments would be on PayPal.

They also have a referral program wherein you can refer other transcribers and customers to them. They will pay 10% commission on every transcript order placed by your referred customer. You will receive 5% commission with your referred transcribers on their direct earnings. 


Another site that does not require any experience in transcription is Speechpad.  You have to create an account with them by supplying your e-mail address. Then create your password and you have to provide your real name.

Transcription jobs in Speechpad are done through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Speechpad Job Board.  Most of the transcription jobs are interviews of insurance companies. So you must review their rules about the Insurance Style Guide.  They also do some video transcription and tagging jobs so you also need to learn more about how you can qualify. They have a bonus program that rewards its workers for doing a good job. You can also review mistakes that you made in your previous work.  

How to pass a transcription test

What Can I Say

I believe doing this kind of job is hard especially to those people who do not have experience.  But if you want to try this kind of job, I would say that you need a lot of patience and research on how you will become a good transcriber to earn more. You must have a good typing speed and you must be a good listener so that your hands and your ears will be able to communicate well.  

If you think that you are good in this field and you wanted to earn with this kind of job, try to create an account with the sites listed above. Remember that all the sites listed above are free to join, so you do not have to worry. If you want to hone your skills for this kind of work, this is your first step.