All of us have possessions. All of us have things which we have spent our hard-earned cash on. When we make big purchases - mobile phones, fridges, those sorts of things - we have normally spent a few hours doing some product research. We read reviews and guides from all over the web: from places like Amazon, Which? and eBay.

However, what we don't normally think to do is review the product ourselves once we've bought it. Why should we? There's nothing in it for us. We've got our new washing machine, we're happy with it and that's that.

In fact, you can actually earn money for reviewing things. I'm not talking getting bribed by a company to cast their brand in an exaggerated, positive light. You just write a review of something you own and get paid when people read your review. It's not and is never going result in big money, but hey, if you enjoy writing it's the perfect chance to hone your skills and get paid for it. Earning money for something you enjoy? Can't be bad.

Two such revenue sharing review sites are Dooyoo and Ciao. In both cases the site generates revenue when people read the site's reviews and follow the targeted adverts that feature next to them. For example, reading a review about a guitar, you might see adverts for guitar cases, amplifiers and other relevant things.

Some of the site's revenue is then given back to the reviewer. These two sites differ slightly in terms of what you get paid for. Generally, your review gets rated by other members depending on how helpful it is. You then get a couple of pence each time someone reads your review.

As a beginner, you don't get paid much at all. Most new members get around 40p per review. This may not sound that inspiring, but with time and practice at anything we all get better. Once a new member has honed their review writing skills, there's the realistic potential of earning around £30 every couple of weeks. If you write a real stonker of a review, it can receive a crown: a £1.50 bonus. If a writer can get these regularly the money soon adds up.

On Dooyoo you can withdraw your earnings as Amazon vouchers (minimum £20) or as real money direct to your bank account (minimum £50) or donate them to charity (minimum £5).

Ciao focusses more on quality and not quantity and thus the earnings potential is far greater. At the end of every month a "premium fund" of about £2400 is divided between the author of the best, top-rated reviews.  So called "diamond" reviews are much sought after and pay a bonus of £15. Ten of these are awarded every month. Earnings are paid only by bank transfer to the UK (you can still write reviews if you live elsewhere but you can't get paid) and the minimum payment is a much more attractive £5.

Members are allowed to publish the same reviews on both Ciao and Dooyoo and this is a great way of maximising earnings.

If anyone has a go at either of these sites then good luck and let us all know your experiences in the comments.