When I first started writing online for eHow, I wasn't sure if it would really make me much money. I had been all over the internet trying to earn passive income, but other than a few pennies here and there, I wasn't making much. Even though, as an optimist, I thought I would give it a try. I started writing a few articles and then I actually forgot about it. A few months later, I went back to check and saw that my 5 little articles had made pretty good money. I started doing the math and thought if I wrote 5 more, 10 more, even 50 more, then my money would double, triple and so on.

I became a writing maniac after that and started writing about everything I knew. I would play an arpeggio on the piano, then write on it. I made hamburger stroganoff, took pictures as I did it and then wrote about it. I was thrilled when I checked my earnings and views each morning. When I celebrate my eHow 2nd birthday, I predict I will have accumulated 1.8 million views on my articles.

What is easy about eHow is that you don't have to write a story or a paragraph, you have to write directions. You tell people how you do things, just like if you were telling them in person. Step by step, as many steps as it takes and you will find that your article will write itself. You don't have to worry about whether you can write or not, because if you can explain to someone how to do something, you just type those words into your article and you have got it.

Most articles take about 30 minutes to an hour to write in the beginning. As you get used to the format you will find that you will be able to reduce that time, and can pick up the pace and write even more articles.

Inspiration is everywhere. For example, I was sitting at a red light the other day which inspired me to write an article enttiled, How not to be Bored while Waiting for a Red Light. Last week, I was teaching my dog a new trick, which inspired me to write an article, How to teach your dog the Bang-Bang Trick.

Take your every day duties, hobbies, and fun and let them be the inspiration for your next eHow article,just like I hope that this article has been an inspiration to you.