Earn money from home selling your homemade handcrafts. Yes, everyone can do some kind of craft work. Did you say you don't know how to do anything?No, that is something I cannot believe.As a child did your mother show you how to knit? If not knit what about crochet?


French knitting, can you remember playing with a cotton reel with four tacks in the top and producing that length of chain coming out the bottom of the reel.My sister and I used to do this and then we would wind it around and around, like a snake stitching it in place.We would make Mum mats for the floor out of all her old scrap wool and we soon used it all up that way, nothing went to waste.



I think kids today miss out on a lot of that kind of home learning craft skills.I might be wrong, anyway the idea of this article is to remind you of some of those skills and encourage you to take them up again, teach them to your children and yes earn some money from home at the same time.



Here are a few ideas of crafts for you to try and earn money




Crochet is something that anyone at any age can do from their home.And some ladies can even do this while watching TV at the same time so they do not miss watching their shows.



There are literally thousands of different crochet patterns on the internet for you to copy and many of these are free patterns. These could be made especially for festive occasions like: Easter, Mothers Day, and Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Birthday gifts.People love something that you have taken the time to make yourself.




Ideas to Earn money from Crochet or knitting



·Baby clothes



·Crochet slippers

·Easter Egg Gift Baskets


·Baby blankets











Earn money from Woodworking Crafts







Many men love to get outside and tinker in their back sheds.In fact some women enjoy working with woodwork too.There are so many things that you could make and sell in local markets or on the internet.




Woodwork Craft Suggestions





·Kids Table and chairs



·Novelty Toys (do you remember the old wooden horse)




If you have a Router you could make the more fancy wooden gifts




·Wooden bowls

·Biro covers

·Wooden stands (for lamps, trophies and many other things)







Earn money from Beading and Jewelry Crafts



This can be fun and often involve all the kids working together around the table in a family environment.




Beading craft suggestions:


·Ear rings

·Bracelets and anklets

·Lampshades (mum could cover the lamp and the kids can thread the fringe on the bottom with beads)




Earn money by Working with Glass Crafts


This can involve many types of glass work:Lead lighting, Stained glass, Mosaics, glass blowing, copper foil.




Glass making Suggestions



  • Lampshades
  • Terrariums
  • Mosaic planter pots
  • Candleholders
  • suncatchers



There are literally hundreds of things that anyone can make in their home.If they do not know how, you can learn how to do most of these things at your local University or check with you local library for information on where to learn these crafts.



Most of these hobbies can include the whole family to make things together.Mum and the girls could do the bead threading. Whereas the Dads may prefer to actually make jewelry or supply the polished stones collected from last year's holidays.If you think about it you can even create door stops from dried arrangements, and shells collected from the beach. It is just a matter of thinking outside the square and coming up with your own different creations.



Once you have made them, you can earn money by taking them to your local weekend markets. Sell them on eBay or any of the Internet auctions. Hold your own garage sales.Make up a few flyers and advertise in churches, halls, clubs, schools or the local shopping centre notice boards.Once you get started word of mouth will soon get the orders coming in.




You need to realize that this sort of thing will not make you a millionaire although you will make money from something that you made in your spare time and would not have earned otherwise.The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing and make new friends along the way.



Read Sookies article on how to price your crafts before risking a lost sale from overpricing.