Every year we go crazy, trying to organize everything at Christmas. Cooking, shopping, sending out the Christmas cards and then there is the partying and planning to take those holidays.

Another problem is finding someone to look after their pets at Christmas that many people have every year around the festive time.


Some people find themselves at wits end trying to manage everything at this time of year. Never suffer in silence. If you cannot cope with organizing the festivities and the planning, ask friends and family for help. This is when you find out who your real friends are, if they help you. Now is the time to designate jobs to those offering to help?Friends Titan and Ninja




By sharing the load with others, you will have time to work on other things. Like what will you do with the dog and the birds, who can you ask to look after them?





Pet Minding Services

There are several places to have them looked after:


  •  dog kennels
  •  Catteries.
  • Some veterinary clinics will board dogs for a short time.



It is a busy time of the year, so you should book in early.



Earn money, or make a career from looking after Pets

This is a good way to earn those extra dollars so you can have a better Christmas. You can also do this all year round. People go on holidays at any time of the year.



Finding this kind of work

I will show you several ways of finding these jobs. I should explain that anyone at any age can take on this type of work. The qualifications are: You need to care for animals. Be Reliable and do not make excuses for not fulfilling the job. Dogs and cats are like humans; we all need to be given regular food and water or we die.



Never think you could put enough food out to last for a couple of days. Dogs and all animals, like us see food and eat it. Automatic feeders are ok, when you are home. Never rely on them if away as they can all block up or be tipped out. If the animal is left without water on a hot day, it will die of dehydration. Do not take chances with their lives.



  • 1. Place an ad in the paper- a small ad in your local paper, will bring in offers of work.
  • 2. You could register with a pet minding service- I have used one of these myself. Make sure you meet the person and introduce them to your dog or cat. If leaving your pet in their home make sure their fences are secure. You will not want the dog to escape. He may already be upset because you have left him. There is the option to make a permanent career from pet minding.
  • 3. Put notices on your local notice boards – at Shopping centers, local clubs, churches, and libraries.
  • 4. Veterinarians may need casual with sick animals needing even more care.

You could offer to look after the person's garden, and bring in the mail at the same time.

Cover all bases. After all accidents can happen. Prevent this happening to your dog.

After all pets need to relax and enjoy their Christmas dinner the same as you or me.



Pet Owners


Take your responsibility serious, as a pet owner to look after your pet as you would one of your family members. They will love you unconditionally in return.