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When did you first know you wanted to write? Was it to write short stories, poems, or that dream of writing that bestselling novel? I did all of that, then I found out it was too hard for me. I lacked the kind of speech that it took to write novels or a small booklet. No clichés do this, not that, it was so hard. That's when I realized all that did not matter with writing articles. As long as you could write clear and legible English, I could do it.

Magazines and Newspapers often have a section called "have your say." This is another way of doing just that.

Earn money when you write about what you are feeling, thinking, seeing, hearing and even smelling. That is right, you read it correct. We become so mundane at times that we write words, not how we are thinking or feeling about things.

We need, I need to write from the heart. Ok I had good intentions to write something different, when I started this, now what?

To earn money writing, we need something to say. There are thousands of articles written every couple of minutes of every day. Many articles earn nothing, while others earn their authors good money and make wages. Why does this happen? Is it the way it is written? Is there too many words or not enough meat? We all need to use keywords.

I am only just beginning to understand the importance on keywords. So do your research, I won;t explain this to you as there are already hundreds of articles out there.

I cannot answer that, as like you I am still learning. From the day we were born we learn and our education will stop the day we die. As a result we have a lot of time to get that education and learn to write top selling articles.

Writing is Hard Work




I know it takes hard work. You need to read everything that others say and write different types of articles. Try not to copy cat the same thing over and over again. I did a writing course, many moons ago. One thing I remember was the instructor saying that everyone has their own voice or style. This is what I am trying to suggest to you. Try and see the normal everyday things from a new slant or angle. A fellow writer once said that you can write seven articles on the same topic in seven different ways, all from a different perspective. Why not have a go with the list below.

Be Creative think outside the square




Use your head and think for yourself of new novel ways of:

· Cooking a mealbuild an aviary

· Packing for a trip

· Making bedroom curtains

· Earning money

· How to do things different

· DIY articles

· Build your own designer aviary

· Breeding Canaries

· Making wine



wine barrel


Take the word travel as an example. How many different articles can you write about travel? Flying, driving, sailing, caravan, backpacking, walking, and to top it off you could go for a trip on camel back. See what she meant. There really is no limit to the articles that you can write. So no more excuses.

Earn money by writing well written articles and publishing them on the internet and save or bank your money for all that hard work.